Big Flutter project hard rejected.

I have recently uploaded my flutter app. It was initially soft rejected, saying the following

“Hey there! Some Notes: I will need you to significantly improve the UI of the application. It looks too barebones right now. I’m not asking for utter sophistication, just acceptable levels of refinement. If this were a class or a snippet, I wouldn’t mind if it had a bad looking demo but since this is a complete system I have to take every facet of it into account.”

I have then changed a few parts on my UI on app and then resubmitted. And the next time it’s hard rejected.

It’s really frustating. I have worked on it over 3-4 months and my complete idea is to create it as a commercial product to sell on envato. I have no other option to go rather than moving my project to trash if not accepted. I have completely read all envato requirements and made sure I follow everything. I have referred various UI while development. It’s completely unfair to say that the app looks barebones. It has cards, icons, illustration, and everything else needed for a good UI. I have added plenty of features that none others scripts currently available provide.

And the second time it was hard rejected saying the following.

“The changes are not enough. When a change is requested it should be significant enough to change the feel of the item. Changing a few features does not change the approval parameters of your item.”

I don’t want to work anymore on the UI part, before making sure that it’s initial version would be atleast approved(if approved, I will make sure to improve even better). Even if I change UI it completely, I guess they would say the same, since design thoughts may differ from person to person. I completely like the UI off my app, and would like to use a similar app if I download from playstore.

Demo URL :

Someone please, check the demo app and help me on what I can do next.

As the reviewer statement, for a full project, UI is not good enough. As a buyer, if I purchase the item, I will have to re-do the design to bring a fresh design approach which is not a good idea for the items.

It’s not about to change the UI, it’s about to get a better design. Once you show some proper design improvements, the general design may not differ from person to person. In that case, on GraphicRiver ( or other marketplaces ) there’d be no item

Assuming that you are not good enough to design ( you may be a good developer but this is different approach ) what you could do is to find a graphic designer to get a proper design for the project ( you can invest some money ) or find someone who’s willing to do the design for exchange commission/partnership

I accept that there must be benchmark of design, but I am pretty sure mine would qualify the benchmark(maynot score 100, but atleast 40). It is surely upto the level of being usable by users. I considered the design part evertime during development, I checked the competitors and dribble images and various others.

If you have time, please install and check the app or atleast check the screenshot of my app and tell me if it can be used or not.

Test login details:
username: testuser
password: testuser

I will not hire anyone for design, since I don’t want to invest money for developing a script that may or maynot be accepted. Also, I am pretty sure, I am good in design on flutter. I completely can’t accept that my app looks barebones.

Maybe they have rejected, since I am a Individual developer. They may have accepted if my script is uploaded from a company author profile. I can see many script with very less features and even not working scripts from a few company author profiles.

This is the problem. You can’t see the design issues as you think the design is good enough. It’s not related to being individual developer or not.

Your problem is not related to features/functions. It’s lack of design

I don’t myself think that my script is good enough for selling. I am a freelancer and have customized several apps previously. Recently, I have also reskinned a version of my app for my client which has got over 10K+ downloads and he likes it very much.
If possible have a look at the screenshots that app and mine so that you could confirm

Isn’t it much enough for me to confirm that mine is good for sales. Also, one thing I could find that the reviewer has not even downloaded and tested the app. Maybe he has decided only after seeing the screenshots. Won’t reviewers even download and check the design of the app?

I again repeat that, I don’t say that my script would be the best. But, it would surely qualify the benchmarks in all aspects.

As a individual developer, I have developed the script with so many aspirations, it’s hard to accept that the script is hard rejected.

You will have to have a proper design to sell the project at CC. By itself the coding it’s not enough to get the approval - at least since 2018/19

Okay. I will redesign on a few parts and will resubmit for review. Hope it will be approved. Thanks for your replies.