bifold brochure rejected

just rejected my 3 bifold. Any one can help me to find out the reason?

hi as for me , i see a collection of possible reasons indeed …

1- alignment
see for instance the cover and the last page “happy ending” and company brochure are not at the same level …

2- positioning
happy ending is close from the edge this is not allowing texts to “breath”

3- shapes
honestly the dark guy and blue shapes crossing the document are kind of strange looking , this is not purely aesthetic too and this brings u to systematically put “bubbles” to catch up the space that u cannot use for texts … or this creates blanks (too big ones) inside the brochure …

4- typo and hierarchy
this is clean but there is also no originality and this is impacting the hierarchy of information as nothing is popping out in the end

5- global organization
at this stage, if u ask me , u do not manage to imbricate elements , this is a problem for spacing and for the global organization