Beware: The popular GoMyMobi Website Builder scripts have an integrated mining virus

After checking up on an old website building script I had purchased a few years back (gomymobiBSB: Drag-n-Drop Website Builder), I was disgusted to find that there had been a mining virus integrated into the script the entire time.

Upon checking the comments to complain about how this $150 script had not been touched in over a year, I saw that the most recent comment claimed that the author had integrated a mining virus. Not only did the author acknowledge the problem, but claimed they must have forgotten to remove it before uploading it.

How does an author accidentally integrate a mining exploit into the script? “We implemented the mining virus while we were developing the platform and must have forgotten to remove it before uploading it.” That logic literally makes zero sense! There should never be any sort of virus, exploits or backdoors on any of the scripts at CodeCanyon. That’s exactly why I use CodeCanyon, the popular scripts have always been safe to use.

Anyhow, ‘PreScriptZ’ – the creator of gomymobi web builder – has various other PHP scripts available on CodeCanyon. If they have integrated the virus into their most popular script, why wouldn’t they have integrated it into all of their other scripts? Will the CodeCanyon staff look into this? I didn’t exactly pay $150 to have my processing power mined for two years! This could potentially be the reason as to why my server hosting costs have gone up so dramatically.

Finally, two last questions:

  1. I purchased the script about 2 years ago. Is there any chance of getting my money back due to illegal activity on the script?
  2. If the virus has been active on my server for 2 years, is there a chance that the hundreds of dollars I have paid for server upgrades were due to this script? If so, is there anything I can do about it?


As I see the script isn’t supported by its author. In this case I guess it will not give you any replies / explanations related to this matter.

Secondly, have you recently downloaded the item and found that mining virus? If so, please use this link to reach out the Envato Help team to see what is going wrong with the item. Most probably they will scan the item.

Good Luck!

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