Beware of hacking

Beware of hacking, I had my identifyy account hacked and since they don’t have 2-factor authentication, I lost everything.

Did you contact Identifyy? What did they say?

yes it was not easy to recover the 2 accounts. you need the user ID. titles have disappeared and others that are not mine have appeared. A waste of time that I would have done without.

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Ouf! What a nightmare… thx for sharing. I’m updating passwords right away. Hope u solve this swiftly!

That’s weird! Why would they do that? What’s the point of deleting your tracks? They could have collected on them…

What about the music that they registered with your account? Is it all from the same author?

From the identifyy account there is no option to delete tracks, this can only be done through support. :thinking:

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So they hacked the details of your bank to which you withdraw funds?
Since music from your account cannot be stolen.
Your tracks can only be deleted by HAAWK.


I think they just changed the names of the tracks, and then were going to collect the earnings.

In my opinion, they didn’t understand how the platform works, they didn’t even change the paypal. For the missing titles I don’t know why but for the addition it was a sampled file of Indian or Arabic music unrelated to my music.

@ED-MusicProductions Thanks for sharing!

YES they have 2-factor authentication.
You’re very wrong.


google, facebook ? lol