betterstudio themes- Not gettting timely support

Hi there i have recently bought publisher theme from betterstudio… paid for 12 month support…
I am not getting timely support… can envato guys help

Hi there,

What do you mean by timely support? Don’t expect to get a reply instantly. :slight_smile:

When you purchase a theme the author only will provide you support.

Some authors don’t provide support in weekend, but this is listed on support tab on item’s page.


My advice would be to give them a reasonable period e.g. a few days excluding weekends.

But if you don’t get a reply then you can contact envato support only because it seems like the author does not support any of their files and that this one in question has been removed.


“response time can be up to 1 business day.”
But It is not true!

There are many messages in their support forum that dont solved for months and in the theme reviews you can see that they have some problem from support.

The question is simple Can you correct information of support page from 1 day to “you have support may be yes, may be not”

Hi @zapiatoy,

We are sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately it is impossible to check every single of 11000+ WordPress themes if they are still provided with support. This is why Envato Help and Support appreciates any reports made by customers, removing faulty themes is beneficial for both you and marketplace :slight_smile:

I am going to lock this thread as it is over 1 year old.