Better Response Time from 7th Queen

Hi all, first post here and hoping someone can provide advice.

I purchased SweetDate with 7th Queen support, which is supposed to have 24-48 hour response time, but four days later and no meaningful response to my first ticket. I did receiver a prompt note from a moderator that my ticket was being moved to higher support level, but no response with substance.

Anyway, I’m wondering if anyone has advice on how to best interact with 7th Queen support and if there’s anything I can do to draw attention to my ticket once it’s been posted (aside from creating my own replies and marking it unresolved)?

For those that have used 7th Queen, what works well for getting prompt responses on tickets? Most support teams have their quirks, so anything that seems to streamline the process is helpful.

I also reached out the main 7th Queen contact but I doubt that will land anywhere near the support team.

Any and all advice is welcome and thanks in advance!

I’ll answer my own question for anyone that comes across this in the future. My ticket got stuck was stuck between lists in this case, but overall I recommend using the main 7th Queen contact form ( if response time goes over 48 hours. The representative there was able to “unstick” the ticket and get a technical rep to respond quickly.