Better Purchase Management Features

I’ve been around the community for quite a while and have purchased a “few” items. I’ve finally come to the point where I need to voice a few frustrations with purchased item management.

  1. Sorting/Seaching: Why can’t I search within my downloads for specific downloads. If I am looking for an item that starts with the letters L-S, I have to sort my downloads page by alphabetical, then pick a page in the middle, hope to be close to the letter I am looking for, and then search page-by-page until I find it.
  1. Purchase Code Lookup: I have many licenses for certain products (ie. Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, Convert Plus, etc). If I am on the downloads page, why not display the purchase code with the product information? I know I can find the purchase codes on the Support tab for the item, but if I am downloading the product, it would be nice to be able to grab the code without having to download the license file.

  2. List Format: A list format for downloads would be incredibly valuable to me. A small icon, title, purchase date, license type, purchase code, and download button.

  3. Download on Item Page: I see this on the item page “You have 17 licenses for this item. Download.” I click on the word Download and it links to my downloads page within my profile. But it links to the first page of my downloads, not the actual item listing. So now, I am back to #1 where I have to go page-by-page until I find the item. If the link says download, have it actually download the file.

Bonus: A way to assign orders/purchase codes to projects/customers. All the above changes I think are fairly straightforward. TBH, I am surprised those functions don’t already exist. This one would be a bit more complex but would aid in making sure all licenses are accounted for. A method for adding a project/client name to the purchase. At the time of download, just a quick modal window that says “assigned to project” with a textbox for input. I think you would actually see sales increase with this feature. When we do our license audits, occasionally we find ourselves going back to purchase additional licenses because a license code was improperly added to two different projects. If we could quickly see that a license is already attributed to another project, we would know that we need to purchase a new license.

For an even extra bonus, project management features. Allow us to create projects, assign purchased items to those projects, and view all purchased items for a project.

Is there anything anyone else would add to the list?

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