Better Installation Requirements for platform purchases

Hello everyone, I have purchased over 6 different php scripts and I have noticed the lack of documentation on installation. Most authors do not provide a step by step video of exactly how to install the script. It is very disappointing as I have to spend more money to have someone set up the script when I should have been able to watch a video and do the same steps.

I notice you cannot contact Envato directly how can we make it a requirement for all authors to provide step by step documentation of install.

Please let me know if this is just me or if others have this same experience.

If you’re doing your installation on your own, depending on the item as well, it’s expected that you know how to do the installation, otherwise, you will need to hire someone for the installation.

Also, for the PHP items, you will need to manage the server ( PHP extensions should be enabled and it should meet the minimum requirements )

I have installed php scripts for over 15 yrs with no issues other than when there is lack of installation documentation. It is not hard to follow along with a step by step video.

If you make a product you are expected to provide detailed instructions not provide a link to a basic cpanel help article.

To me these are standard expectations when purchasing any type of product of software.

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If the documentation has a lack of guideline you can contact the author and ask them support. Author will support you. Also author may update their documentation based on your query.

Depending on the server, you may need to follow different approach. Some servers I had experienced with, there’re limitations that you may need an admin account and follow the file/folder permissions as well as some of the extensions looked even installed but it wasn’t enabled.

What you can do, as said, if you have the experience, turn on the server debug mode and follow the error log/messages to find the problem. At some point, it should be installed properly.

Truth be told… some poor documentations are for a reason - more money!
The author wants you to pay extra.

I recently bought a code where the author specified that if you buy the extended version, he will set it up free ~ which means, you probably will struggle with the basic license.

I tried to setup the code with the instruction from the seller, haha, but trust me, it never worked.

I bought the extended license though so I asked him to setup the app ~ he delivered in 1 week.

When I tried to publish on playstore, it was rejected because some of the APIs on the code were obsolate. I begged for update, he simply asked for $400 to upload it himself stating that the issue is about “POLICY” not code-related.

I had to beg for days and as I write this, I am paying $250 for the app upload.

To cut the long story short, it seems like the app was built by a freelancer and he needs me to pay the fee he will give his freelancer to update the code and then he will submit to google.

Whichever way, that may be my last purchase of premade codes. Hoping to be an author someday ~ and lead by example.


If I could add my 2 cents, i have to concur, there is a severe lack of documentation in general, in my own xp from what ive bought. It is now considered acceptable, to cut and paste flutter/android etc front page quickstarts that anyone can google on their own or would be familiar with in most instances. Not one word mentioned about the functionality or usage of the app, and for something advanced like an erp / hrm / crm i find that highly unacceptable. but have to just soldier on.

I would like to note that there are those absolute godsend darling authors that go above and beyond, with comprehensive docs, and to those authors, i salute you, and appreciate your efforts <3

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When you purchase the template, especially for the Mobile APPS, it’s required that you have enough knowledge how to perform the changes or installation. The documentation usually contains general information but you can always ask the author for the support ( questions ) as the template itself doesn’t come with “installation service” it’s understandable that the author could ask extra money for the installation.

Apart from that, just that you’re able to install “Android Studio” it doesn’t mean that you can use the codes - therefor you will have to hire someone who actually knows what he’s doing.

It’s like, when you have a problem with any electronic device, there’s the documentation how to open your device and change the parts ( e.g computer ) but it doesn’t mean that you should do it on your own. You can’t blame the computer manufacturer that you can’t change the parts instead you take it to the service. Same things apply here.

What you’re purchasing is the codes that will help you to save time from the scratch coding, if you don’t know how to solve the issues within the codes ( It’s more complicated on APPS ) just don’t do it on your own, improve your skills or hire someone who knows how to fix it.