Better ask than take the queue and will be denied.

Not who did not help me. I redid the whole thing. That’s what happened.

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“This track is wrong” as you wish lol, but i want to disagree, i like it, don’t think it will rejected. That’s what you wanted to hear? :smiley: Grow more confidence with your work mate, you deserve it! It’s just an obstacle for a proper workflow. Lucks on ya!

Why did you decide that I’m trying to find approval? I have a specific question regarding sub-bass and the guitar. I look forward to using specific tips for example “bass too loud, guitars sound unnatural”, etc.) of your criticism is important to me too. Thank you.

Guitars sound unnatural. In fact, they don’t even sound like guitars, more like plucks based on a cheap guitar sample. This must not be bad, but I would not try to sell this as as a “guitar” track.

Overall the track and production sounds a little dated, like a relaxing CD from the 90ies, but there could be a market for that too.

Thank you.