Better a Niche Theme or a "Mega Bundle" Theme?

Hi Guys,

I see a lot of themes containing more than 30 Demos. Very often this is the consequence of a long and hard work (maybe more than a Year) which brings obviously good sales.

My question is: is it better to create specific and deepen studied themes or generic themes containing several different demos?

I think about this scenario:

- I create 1 theme selling 1000 times with 10 Demos
- I create 10 Themes selling 100 times on a specific section (food, services, creative etc)

What should I choose, or what you have choosen and why? :sweat_smile:

No Suggestion? :grinning:

Nice question.
I think is always more practical to have a unique item, maybe you take the same time to create 1 big than 10 normals, BUT, if you choose niche you will need to make updates for 10 different themes, give support to 10 different items, etc.
I know it is too obvious, but i think no one will tell you the exact formula to have good sales.
I know quite few mega bundle themes with practically no sales for the effort behind, so may be complicated, cab be very frustrated :stuck_out_tongue:

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You may find that niche themes will sell less in the short term but they will continue to sell steadily for a longer period of time compared to a multi-purpose theme.

Yes, maybe very frustrating: working 5 months on a big project, then publish and poor sales… That’s a big question…few month ago i read that envato wanted niche themes, because market was/is lacking in this sections.

It would be nice to hear other points of view…

For the health of the ecosystem, and the happiness of WordPress users, please go with the niche themes.

I am pretty sure the marketplace doesn’t need more mega bundle themes at this point…

You’ll also have way more fun building themes with one specific purpose, one particular style… and not a mega fits any scenario* template with no real soul…

My two cents!