BeTheme - Transfer the license under a new username

I asked the following question on the Betheme discussion forum. Support referred me here.

A more than year ago we changed our company name from TIXIK to SEMTIX. Because of this we also changed the name at Now we have a problem that the BeTheme license cannot be renewed on our development domain - where the key is registered, which was purchased under the original TIXIK. Would it be possible to transfer the license under a new username? I tried to use the link for the original license to extend support and even buy it, but it just linked to the new name and according to the listing on BeTheme Licenses the license is listed under the original envato name TIXIK.

Thank you for possibly changing the names in your license system and updating the support period.

Can you help me?


As you have changed your username from TIXIK to SEMTIX. Your all purchased item licenses at envato market is under SEMTIX mean you can download the license/purchase code from your account (SEMTIX) Download page.

But theme license registration domain transfer from old domain to new domain only theme author can help you because theme license registration done under theme author own registration systems/process. I think possible the solution can be deregister the license from old domain wp-admin and try to add/register the license for new domain. So, please get in touch with theme author support.