Betheme: How to turn off all Google Apis (fonts and maps)

Hello Community,
I ran into a small problem.


I want to remove all google code from my website. Therefore I did the following:

  1. used the developer extension of chrome to see which fonts are loaded. in my case Noto, Alegrey and Roboto.
  2. downloaded them into the font folder i created and uploaded all the files. the respective code went into the child themes style.css

they are stil loaded from

On the chinese pages of my website I want to include Baidu Maps. on the English and German ones I want to use Openstreetmaps. but that plugin is not working.

What I’m looking for at best is: To use Code instead of plugins, to reduce the number of plugins.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!


Ask your question with your purchase item author @muffingroup right here as a comments hope they will help you out from your issue.


The developer tried once. he logged in but couldn’t find anything.

under Theme Options->Fonts I was able to turn all fonts to Arial (system font). Strangely enough all options have been selted as alegreya though the site loads noto and roboto.

so this must be from something else

any suggestions

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