Betheme: How to turn off all Google Apis (fonts and maps)

Hello Community,
I ran into a small problem.


I want to remove all google code from my website. Therefore I did the following:

  1. used the developer extension of chrome to see which fonts are loaded. in my case Noto, Alegrey and Roboto.
  2. downloaded them into the font folder i created and uploaded all the files. the respective code went into the child themes style.css

they are stil loaded from

On the chinese pages of my website I want to include Baidu Maps. on the English and German ones I want to use Openstreetmaps. but that plugin is not working.

What I’m looking for at best is: To use Code instead of plugins, to reduce the number of plugins.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!


Ask your question with your purchase item author @muffingroup right here as a comments hope they will help you out from your issue.