Betheme + 3K sales overnight? How?

Hi colleagues,

I have a question, maybe somebody knows the answer. Or the guys from @muffingroup will kindly share how come BeTheme got 3K sales over one night? I mean, I am happy for you guys, just keep wondering how did that happen and why? Or somebody from Envato could explain, we just keep wondering if it is not one of the DOS attacks or something like that, because it is hard to make 3K clicks overnight. (May 30 - ; May 31 -

Forgive us for poking our nose into business of others, but we don’t understand how it works.


Another x like bulk purchase?


Its an amazing theme. Brilliant design, Lightweight and Fast. Very good page builder too.

Deserves to be on top!



we can explain it of course as it’s not any secret. Some of our clients have big web agencies and build websites for their clients. And because they trust our solutions, simplicity of use and loading speed, they do not want to use other products. And it was one of such clients that has purchased more licenses for his clients.

We hope it explains a lot :wink:

Have a great day!

@goofydadog Thank you for these kind words!


Good for you! Just don’t get it why would someone buy that many licences in advance without a special price… does not sound logical… but as I said, good for you!

Wow, that sounds incredible. But how did you manage to make the bulk purchase? I mean, as far as I know, there is just one option now, buy each theme separately, which means many-many clicks. How do you buy XXX licences at the same time?

Thanks for the reply in advance.

P.S. : Indeed, you have done a good job and signed an awesome customer. Congrats.

Such sales are handled directly by Envato staff.


Great Achievement. Congratulations @muffingroup

Congratulations @muffingroup

@muffingroup Congrats! This is a great spot during your time at Envato.
We all hope we can get this one day.

Thank you!

Interesting :smiley: Congrats