Best Wordpress plugin to make this type of sidebar?

I believe this Wordpress site uses a custom theme. However I was wondering if anyone knew of a plugin that can imitate this type of sidebar:

The website is:

Thank you. If anyone can provide me with a great suggestion I am willing to send you some money or buy you something off the market.


The sidebar listed above has three tabs and in each of the tabs, there are couple of images that are external links. This functionality could be custom coded and can be made as a plugin. Let me if you’re interested and I can help you.

How much would you be looking for?


Thanks for getting back to me via message.

Normally the plugin cost depends on the number of hours it takes to

Depending on the timeline and the budget you have in mind, I can suggest
features or help you automate things.

For example,

We can allow images to have a transition unlike a static image as shown in
the screenshot you attached.

We can automatically show/hide images based on calendar days or time.

The images can be made responsive so the page is rendered smooth, on all

Integrating Google Analytics so as an admin you know which images were
most clicked by your visitors right from your Google Analytics Dashboard

Could you brief the goal of having this plugin, so I could suggest more

Usually developing a base prototype takes 15 - 20 hours that includes
structuring the plugin, version controlled development, using recommended
WordPress coding standards, etc.

The plugin development work usually starts around $369.