Best way to upload images, without overloading the website server

Hi everyone,

I am after some advise, if possible. I am currently using a Movies & TV Shows Wordpress Theme.
And each time, we add a Movie or TV-Show Review, it auto uploads the image to the Uploads folder on the same server as wordpress site. The same, as it would, when adding any image to a post.

I’m wondering, what the best way forward is, to not overload the same server the wordpress site is on. Is it possible, that when images are added to our site that they upload to a different server? As we have 2 servers.

As time goes on, there will be thousands and thousands of Movies and TV-Show images. I know there is Plugins which lower the image sizes. But this also lowers the quality of the Images dramatically.

It would be great if there waa a Plugin out there, which uploaded Images, to a different Server, or outer source, other than the same server the Wordpress site is on. As it will eventually overload our server.

Any Advise, would be greatly appreciated.