Best Vst Instruments

Hi all

I want to learn which vst ınstruments do you guys use for drum, strings, keyboard/piano, guitar, synths, bass ?

Ilya Efimov made great guitar plugins.

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Thanks for the reply, it sounds quite realistic.

Sylenth1 for everything)

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Hi, @echoestudio! My favorite plugins:

  • For everything related to sound synthesis — only Serum.
  • For delicate saturation — Fab Filter Saturn.
  • I love the plug-ins from Sound Toys — Echo Boy is just the coolest delay, for hard saturation I use Decapitator.
  • Another cool thing — the WOW2 from Sugar Bytes. It can be used to create a huge variety of electronic sounds.

What’s up @echoestudio
In every project I load NI Kontakt. I think this is one of the supreme plug-in (of course if you have good libraries). But for good libs you need a lot of space.
If I need cool realistic bass I usually use Omnisphere. But this plug-in good not only for bass.
And of course Sylenth1 and Serum ))

I use Addictive Drums for drums, LASS for strings, Piano in Blue for piano, Omnisphere 2 for synths, Scarbee P bass for electric bass and Premier upright for acoustic bass. With many exceptions and alternatives of course :slight_smile:

Recently Soundtoys shared Tremolator. Love it! :sunglasses:

Best drum samples are EastWest ProDrummer. Here’s an example of a track with ProDrummer:

100% agree with you @KickTracks
:grinning: Sylenth is the best synth vsti I know of.

For synth : “Sylenth 1” !
For piano : "Emotional piano"
For strings : "LA scoring strings"
For guitar and bass : I don’t know, i play guitars… :wink:

Good day :slight_smile:

Hey! Maybe not the best instruments but they are free)
Maybe will be useful :space_invader:

If you are looking for quality FREE VST instruments and samples, take a look at this website.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 is absolutely awesome.


Sorry for offtopic, but how to make a link to a third-party resource to make it look like in your comment?

I just paste a link :joy:

Thank you for all replies. I think im gonna buy komplete 11 :slight_smile:

This was my last attempt to upload but rejected. Reason is mix, mastering and samples.

Does this track sound too “midi” ? I used L.A strings. Cause that doesnt sound midi to me.

Some free expressive sounds and MIDI sequences for Synth1 VST:
Synth1 Pluto Box - Synthmorph