Best track got rejected!

Hello Envato community. I would like to get some feedback if possible to overcome my dilemma, as the trend that I observe is beyond my understanding. I will be asking about feedback on my CINEMATIC music, so HERE is the link to the collection, as I can only include 2 links in my post (new user pain).

I recently started composing Cinematic music. My first track “An Epic Battle” got approved and reached 4 sales very quickly. As I got inspired and as I was composing my next track, I dived into a whole new world for myself as I quickly realised that there is so much to learn about composing symphonic / cinematic music. As I was learning, I tried to implement it into my work. My next track was much better in the opinion of lots of independent listeners “Epic Riot” it got approved, but no sales whatsoever. Well, lack of marketing, I decided to improve my music even more.

I continued to learn and implement. I came up with my next track - “Epic Hero” - a whole new level, that work also got approved and even made one sale (just recently). Back to composing - I went through a lot of lessons and created my “almost there kind of track” - almost perfect film/game cinematic track, which also got approved “Epic Inspire Symphony” and is on sale now. No sales though.

Nevermind the sales I wanted to create a much better track and sound overall in my music, so my next track in my opinion and in the opinion of independent listeners reached another level once again, but this time even though the composition is much better then all previous tracks - it got rejected. Here is the track: “Medieval Dragon”

So the dilemma is, what is it that I don’t get? :)) My worst track got most of the sales and my best track got rejected?

Thanks a lot for taking a look and much appreciate all your feedback!

Honestly, I don’t know why this track is rejected. Maybe reviewer thought it has no “commercial value”, but I think it does. This is perfectly designed for games. I wish you more luck in the future, you should continue your work.


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Thanks for your feedback mate! Did you get a chance to review my other work? Any Ideas on why improving quality results in less sales? :smiley: Thanks in advance

I am listening just now “Marathon Time Lapse” on youtube. That is a though question, I believe these days only thing it matters is marketing. Your songs are commercial, energetic, proper mixed. My suggestion to you just to keep working and working and you will make a boom. :wink:

Nice work!!!

I’m listening to “Medieval Dragon” now. It’s really good, but…I have some problems with getting where the pulse of the song during the first 52 seconds is. I don’t know where is the beginning of the phrase. It’s a bit confusing. Don’t get me wrong. In some cases it might be great way to start piece like that, however for audiojungle it’s not. After these 52 seconds everything became clear what is your idea for the song. I’m just guessing it was the problem for reviewer. Think about fixing it and upload it again ;). Good luck!

Thanks a lot mate

Thank you very much for the detailed feedback! Good point, will try to fix it up and will let you guys know if it worked )

remember that it’s forbidden to re-upload rejected tracks without any crucial changes, so better be honest with reviewers and point out all major improvements you did. I think this improvement is crucial and you are free to re-upload rejected song ;).

Absolutely, thanks again ! :slight_smile:

Sounds good, definitely got all the ideas and structuring on point. As it got rejected though, my critical advice would be purely on the mix. There’s not much separation from all of the instruments and at points it can sound overcrowded, even though i can hear you’ve got a good stereo image. The drums and percussion could be turned up more in the mix, and watch the low to mid frequencies because its quite muddy sounding, and this will prevent you from being able to clearly hear each part. Start by listening to your drums and introduce different instruments to see whats clashing and what works, and then try to come up with solutions that will help your mix such as EQ, volume, octave choices etc. Hope this helps mate :slight_smile:

Thanks for a very useful advice, I will definitely give it another try. What are your thoughts on reject, could a reviewer be actually unsatisfied due to the parts where it sounds overcrowded?

they will take everything into account including the mixdown, master, arrangement, structure, dissonant notes etc. Did they leave you any feedback?

No feedback whatsoever, that’s why I created this post )