Best Theme for creating a second hand items where buyer can create a post.

Hi guys,

Our team would need your guys abit of direction, what is the best theme to use ?

We would like to set up a website with second hand items ex furniture where buyer can create a post, but can not publish until admin allow. No more middle man, we want only buyer/ seller deal directly.
and if needed admin can give a hand to help with fee in future.

it will be purely image & information exchange but the most important of this website is an ability for buyer to efficiently find the items they want with the right keyword and would have a very very high speed.

1st phrase would be just create a post to buyer
2nd phrase would be authentication by admin and perphaps has water mark that we authenticate

Thank you very much for all your support guys

Although the search would be more basic, you could probably just do it using a forum rather than needing a marketplace until you are helping payments.

You need to make sure you are legally protected because if you connect strangers and god forbid something went wrong or bad happened then you could find yourself in trouble.

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Hi Yes, do you recommend any theme for listing & directory ?
forum is not user-freindly so i would like to make it more appealing ex image of furniture showing per each keyword search.
I and my team would definitely filter all the listing, so to make sure they are all legitimate.

Any listing theme should work this way.

As @ki-themes said - any listing/marketplace(might be a bit over the top for what you are trying to do) would work and just disable the actual purchasing.

You know what you are after in terms of look and feel so are best placed to look on Themeforest.

FYI - filtering the listing and checking authenticity is important but if you are potentially responsible for people connecting offline i.e. to exchange items etc. in person (which has nothing to do with checking the original post) you still need to make sure you are very careful.

Based on your desires, indeed any listing theme would work at this point.
I suggest looking into ListingHive. It has a user-friendly interface and allows easy searching through the use of keywords. Additionally, ListingHive provides an option for admin authentication before publishing to ensure quality control. I recommend it because it’s free, this way you can try your ideas without spending anything.