Best Template/theme for me?

Need help selecting a Wordpress Theme/Template. Our site design is very unique, with every main page being different from the other. The design is very much in the vein of presenting description and statistical information. The core of the site is a very large background data base from which all information will be drawn. It must be flexible enough to allow for complete customisation but hopefully avoiding the need to actually write or rewrite code. It must also allow users to customise /drag/copy material as well as selecting/creating pop ups containing real time changing stats.

Anyone out there who can advise please respond. Your efforts will be most welcome.

That sounds like a custom build project.

Finding a theme which is highly customisable in one thing but heavy duty data integration let alone user drag/create type actions is not going to be part of a stock theme.

Also with a very complex and updating site you will need to stay on top of updates and upgrades where necessary so relying on an author is a risky approach over having a develop dedicate to creating the right solution.

I’d suggest looking at for freelancers but make sure you do your homework on whoever you work with as this does not sound like a simple, cheap or easy build.

Good luck

Y Theme is the best for this type of work, the customization power is extremely high, it included popups with custom contents and is natively thought for custom design from Photoshop.
You need only to know how to code with CSS. In this way you can create your own skin.css file design.

Out of interest (we have something in mind for a project too) can it handle user created pip ups with custom content or data? Would this require basic level user access and their own space to display it?


Many thanks for the advice Charlie. Sorry for the delay getting back to
you. It very much looks at this stage that we might go with php Symphony.
And to answer your other question on the other email, yes, it would require
user access to create personal customised list of their own.

Many thanks for the advice. We’re still looking into it.