Best summer with Audiojungle

Hi guys!

Summer 2016 has passed and I can say it have been 3 month of amazing time! So why this summer is unique? This is the first hot season without office , without corporate slaves (just…corporate music ))) , without daily routine - …7 am/ bus station/ hateful 8 hours/ bus station/ bed/ 7 am/ bus station …

I waked up without ALAAAARM clock, cup of coffee without hurry. And only you and your music. You don’t need to work, you just need to create - different things. After 4-5 hours of creating you can go to the river (i live near the Volga) to swim and take a sun. Or ride a bike, or meet friends, or make photo and video of beautiful nature. It reminds summer vacation when I was a schoolboy. Then you can come home and continue mixing your track. Nobody tells you how much to work, nobody controls your schedule but you. I enjoyed every day and this summer was saturated (yeah…like using Saturator).

So, I want to say thanks to Envato for this summer. It was amazing!


Nice post!

Sounds like you had a great summer! Maybe one day you can live like this all the year :smiley:

You summed it up perfectly, nice post!

I’ve been working like this for a number of years now and it’s truly great when you look out the window and see all the people rushing to the train in the pouring rain…

Can be lonely sometimes too but I wouldn’t trade it for anything right now.


Nice post! )))

Awesome to hear @Vlad_INSIDE!

Care to share some photos with us in this thread?

Melbourne is pretty cold and gloomy right now, some photos of your amazing work-life-sunbaking balance would certainly put a smile on our faces (or make us incredibly jealous).

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my summer with Audiojungle had been awesome this year. Seems that 2016 is a 9 year (2+0+1+6) which is very special, if you know just a little bit about numerology.

The whole year had been a success too, moving from awful job and awful place in a rather nice city, back home,
and started working full time for AudioJungle. So far sales have been impressive, I learned a loot about new music skills and overall had been a success.

2017 will definitely be a great year, especially for peeps that turn full-on freelancers and quit their boring and stressful jobs,
and dedicate themselves to what they like most.

cheers all!

Thank you! Hope we all can!

Hah, now it is gloomy here too. But I have just uploaded some summer pics in thread. Pls have a look!

Congrats. Keep it up through the whole year. :slight_smile:
P.S. Volga-eto krasivo. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah!!! It is an indescribable feeling - doing things you love! Unimaginable, but it is very cool! Very happy for you and fully understand your feelings! Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Thank you! @Synthezx

You almost make me cry @Vlad_INSIDE ! I am always glad to see happy positive people ! Enjoy your life brother !!! :slight_smile:

Wow! I think it’s amazing feeling! Hope i can say something like you one day. I’m new one on Audiojungle and i also works 8 hours in office for a whole year( But my dream is to be like you!) So summer is over now and i try to make my dream to the next summer) Wish you good luck and best regards from New Life!):tada:

Thank you bro!

I wish you to leave your office, but be ready - there could be some things to fix and control. You should be self organized. And in my case finances were real problem coz I almost had no money during 3 months after quitting my job. And even now my last salary was a little higher than I earn now, but suppose it’s about timing. The most important thing - I feel free and do what I love. Good luck!

Really thanks for advice!! I understand you. Try to be ready for this. Actually i cant leave my office job right now, but i know i must do it step by step. So be it. Thanks for such exiting topic!

It’'s really inspirational to read the posts like this) I’m not working in office, and I love my job. But it’s very cool sometimes to dream about such careless days. Just your family, music, sea ( or Volga)))) and summer)mmm…

...get ready for a romantic winter! ))

Nice post!!! :slight_smile: