Best Strings / Orchestra Refill for Reason ?



I’ve tried Miroslav refill and sounds nice, but nothing special, I’m looking for something better, I was wondering if anyone knows a better option for Reason (refill)



As far as I know that’s the better one out there… I will keep an eye on this post to see if there’s any other decent option.


I know this is an old post, but I may upgrade to reason 8, I am looking for a good string ensemble sound, does reason 8 have anything, any refills that are worth it that authors are currently using? Any recommendations on affordable ensemble sounds?


The only good refills out there I know (not great, just ok) are Miroslav series, Hollywood Film Strings Elite and Euphonic Strings (

Hope it helps


Awesome, thank you for the response! Do you use them currently and they’re accepted by the reviewers? I have reason 4 with their sounds, and my items are getting rejected b/c the sounds are “cheap”.


Yes, I´m using Reason 7.1 but I guess they should work because it uses combinator and nn-xt, but I don’t remember if they are compatible with reason 4 so you should check.
You can hear how it sounds some of those refills in a context in some of my portfolio songs.



Awesome!!! Thank you so much! I will upgrade to 8, its not that expensive.


It´s a massive update if you come from reason 4, it really worth it