Best sellers?


Hey guys,

Just wondering how does envato determine listing items as best sellers?
I’m only asking because I have an item that’s been sold a couple of times, and it’s not listed under best sellers for the past month/week.
Does my item need an actual rating from the person who purchased the item, in order to be listed under best sellers?
System glitch?
I’ve noticed that envato doesn’t take into account the upload date of the item.
Is it just me or is anyone else having this issue?
I believe it should be addressed as this can have a positive/negative impact on the projection of sales. Example authors like myself who upload items and fall victim to “whitenoise” with the amount of work that is being uploaded on envato.


The “Best Sellers” option in the sort menu is not based on any time frame and doesn’t have anything to do with ratings.

It simply sorts it from highest to lowest total sales.



Thanks for the response, just wondering why my item never made that category if that was the case.


Because your items only got a couple of sales, when there’s other items with hundreds or even thousands of sales.


But if you have a look yourself and check “Best sellers”, “Last week/month” You’ll see multiple items listed from most sold to least sold, some listed with as low as 1 sale.


Thank you for the guidance. This will to learn best about “Sellers”


That is not “best sellers in the last week / month”, that is “files that were added last week/month sorted by most sales to least sales”