Best place to commission or invite music submissions?


We have a pilot show being made currently for a VERY large client that I should perhaps not mention right now. It will start life online and may jump platforms to TV later. We want an awesome theme tune, but we would need it to be unique, original, obviously… 10 seconds, no more. A bit like the energy and force of ‘Back to the Future’ with an Theramin instrument thrown in - Modern, cool, kids-orientated.

Are there any sites online that offer the ability to place this opportunity up for people to submit an entry? I did find youlicense,com but it appears to be inactive and not used very much. Anything similar to that?


Isn’t Envato Studio for something like that?


Envato Studio will soon be offering music composition services, but they’ve only recently started recruiting composers to take part in the program. It might be a while before they open it up.

In the mean time, I can’t really post info about competitors here, but, there’s a private message button if you click on my username. There are many sites like what you’re looking for and I can give you a list.


I think you could do this via the forums linking to perhaps a website with a more formal call for submissions. Otherwise, there are websites that deal with this, but I generally think that they are only middlemen and you would maybe even get more submissions via a forum post here.


10 seconds? Be prepared for an avalanche of submissions on something like that! Maybe a good thing. :wink:


Are we talking a ‘very large client’ when it comes to their mass and/or dimensions… or when it comes to their popularity and/or wealth?

Anyway… give me a shout if you need any spaceships and all that jazz.


Hi Koster!

I sent you a private message last night with a suggested platform where you can specify a brief and composers can pitch for it. Evnato doesn’t allow discussions regarding competing companies/websites on the forum.

Jimmy of Synchrotron


Think of the biggest, hungriest, greediest entertainment company you could possibly think of and you have probably got it right!


Yes, I figured that was probably so. Still, if the service was available here I’d be happy to use it. But since there isn’t, I have to go looking!

Actually, I would have thought it was hard to compose a really good TV theme for approx 10 seconds.
I have found that the LAST 10 seconds or so of many of the available works that you guys produce are often the best part of the track and (for some) almost suitable for my needs.