Best Music for Science Fiction TV Shows, Film, & Movies

Why this music is ideal: Tense, mystical and mysterious atmosphere.

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Why this music is ideal:
It’s a futuristic sound, high tech sound design, technological, minimalistic track. I think that is Perfect suitable for science videos, tech presentations, technilogical videos, high tech, futuristic videos or other same projects


I like this track! Unfortunately, he turned out to be one of my few tracks that did not find a potential buyer for audiojungles! And all because, I was wrong with the mood! I called him sad, although he is agitated and exalted! In this track, I wanted to convey the greatness of the human soul, the full power of the strength of mankind, all the emotions that a person can experience with one or another obstacle!

And yes, I know that you need only one track! Just this track I decided to give one more chance before I delete it! Thank you!


The background track, which will become an indispensable friend to people involved in video editing for movies, but also people involved in video editing for TV, as well as people who shoot video from drones! You in fact know as now popular flying drones? So this quality track perfectly voices any picture taken on them! The track is written in warm major tones and carries a neutral mood! The track is made with love for people!


Why this music is ideal:electronic pop music perfect for 80s Miami films. Pop drums, synth bass and leads creat the mood and character of that time.

Music track “African Ambient Background Music” filled the atmosphere of the environment in Africa and Asia. Easy rhythm and motive of the melody of the track well will give your mood a series about the nature or advertising of travel agencies. Music track is will be compatible with a new video for your YouTube channel about summer travel and wanderings.


Why this music is ideal: This is an unusual track that uses a lot of cinematic and at the same time scientific sounds. This song is filled with a mysterious mood, in which the main role is played by futuristic sounds. So, it’s a really high mobile and tech electronic track, with a lot of noise, glitch background sounds, blending precise and technical beats with organic and emotional elements.


Why this music is ideal: Warm, smoothing and flowing, featuring lush strings that build and create a majestic and scientific mood. Piano and a full orchestra create a powerful simplicity that is meant to inspire, move and uplift. Includes pre-cut edits with no bleeds. This track was made to be a short trailer intro / ident / opener, designed to catch the attention of an audience in just a couple of seconds.

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Why this music is ideal: This track is very suitable for space movies, sci fi movies and TV shows. At the beginning of this track enter synthesizers that transmit the atmosphere of deep space, as well as something fantastic and incredible. Next comes the orchestral part of the track that gives the epic of what is happening on the screen.

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Why this music is ideal: It’s a futuristic high tech minimalistic track.Documentary Ambient – it’s a ambient background trailer composition featuring airy piano, strings,staccato, synths, percussion and more.

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Why this music is ideal: The sound of the organ makes the atmosphere mystical and religious, which gives it incentive. The theme of violins leads you deep into the history of music! Sounds hours and hitting the strings blow up the atmosphere of this music. Well and where without piano)

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Why this music is ideal: “Corporate ” is motivational, positive, uplifting inspirational pop track with melodic delayed electric guitars, bright piano, soft and playful strings, inspired harmonies, deep bass and rhythmic beats. The smooth rhythm and repetitive guitar melody make this track ideal for a video about science.



Why this music is ideal: Brooding violins and soft brass chords create an atmosphere of fantasy and epic. Wide malleable melody carries into the world of fantasy, vocal phrases, in the far background bring a sense of reverie and sentimentality. Epic drums create a heroic attitude. The heart beats pause in the injected voltage at the right time.


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Why this music is ideal: Is it ideal ?, honestly!?? Of course not :)))), but it is well suited for mysticism and secret events. It can reveal the entire scale of the descendant.

Dark and futuristic atmosphere, the beginning is slow and melancholic but at some point this track becomes very tense with powerful synths and spooky sounds.

Light and the soft sound of this item is futuristic and well suited for Science Fiction TV Show.

Why this music is ideal: suitable mood

Why this music is ideal: unusual harmonic progression, background glitches and modern synths!

Why this music is ideal: Mystical, mysterious and hypnotic as space. Perfect for science fiction movies.