Best Motivating Music for Intense & Powerful Workout Videos

Motivational and intense cinematic dubstep tune is perfect suitable for sports videos, nature, travel, extreme and any emotional sport videos because it has cool motivating atmosphere and mood for intense & powerful workout videos.

Very good motivational and dramatic mood for great and intense sports videos and motivational documentary movies. Cool motivating music for intense & powerful workout videos


A powerful, uplifting track, perfect as background music as the opening.

Energetic and dynamic, featuring pulsing electronic elements and gritty bass that create a confident and empowering mood.
This is powerful, motivational, energetic metal music!
It’s classic south country hard rock track with strong trap big beat.

the vibe of this one is pretty motivating and vibrant.
perfectly usable for sports (aerobics / dancing) :

This rock hybrid music is a modern blend of hard rock riffs and dubstep beats:

This uplifting motivational rock instrumental has a vibe of victory and triumph:

Add energy and drama to your advertisement, sports video or presentation with this captivating rock track.

Cool Job!!!

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Really love the measured pace and groove of the track! Cool guitar riff and modern sound, strong and powerful atmosphere! Fits well to workout videos!

One of my favorite sport themed track on the stock! Unique and hooky melody with guitar riffs makes reaaly cool vibes!

Powerful and energetic guitar with punchy drums. Perfect for any motivational and sport events.
Energetic rock. It’s good for gym and sport workout.

Energizind and driving powerful rock track Action Rock is a perfect choice for sport and workout projects!

Powerful and driving metal track which also good for intense workout videos.

This track perfect for training and motivational videos!

Powerful Epic Orchestral Music!
This track perfect for training and motivational videos!

This powerful dubstep track will perfectly fit to the intense workout video!
Stylish and positive hip hop track, I really like it! I think it is good for workout!

Super energetic and aggressive rock that gets the blood pumping.

Upbeat, edgy rock with motivating lyrics to help you finish that intense workout.

Powerful and energetic track that will lift sports spirit and desire to train more and more.

Power guitars, energetic synths, glitches, dubstep elements, fat basses and hummer drums make this mix so strong!

Exciting melody and dynamics. Excellent for almost any sports project. Many ready-made projects confirm this.
An energetic melody and well-chosen instruments make this track one of the favorites in sports.

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Brutal motivational epic for sport and workout

Stylish rocky indie electronic upbeat for workout and racing

Epic music for superheroic workout.

Action, drive, rock, workout!

This track is as intense and motivating as a bodybuilder workout. Very high-quality work!

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An inspirational melody to uplift the spirit. It looks like the Fort Minor.
This is a very energetic groove for fitness and a workout.