Best monitor for motion/graphic design

Hello guys!
Currently I’m using Monitor LCD Samsung P2770H 27 inch, 2ms for motion graphics, but I would like to replace it with a 27 inch 2560 x 1440 res monitor. My budget is max $1000 and I don’t want Apple brand. I read a lot of user reviews and descriptions, but still can’t decide what to get.:expressionless:

I am considering to buy one of this:

…or this:

Please help me with some advice or just simply post a comment containing the monitor type you use. Thanks! :bigsmile:

These dell Ultrasharp ones are really amazing, im considering them in th future, i guess they are the best buy for designers, did you consider looking at some Asus models ?

I am personaly using HP ZR2740W - 27" IPS LED backlit monitor and I love it. You might give it a shot - it is not really expensive for that quality range, and it has its height/pivot adjustable which was pretty important to me.

Check it here:!tab=features

EDIT: I also had to decide between this one and Dell Ultrasharp. In the end I went with HP and haven’t regret it :slight_smile:

The anti glare in Dell U series monitor is really bad in my opinion, i recently purchased a u2412m and i’m not happy with it.

Thanks guys! I will take a look at that HP too.
Sorry to hear that the ant-glare isn’t working good.

Any other opinion would be more than welcome!

I think you will love this monitor. No need dual monitor if you have this one :smiley:

I’m using an older 27" Philips in combo with a 27" Asus:

The ASUS has a really great viewing angle but no matter how I adjusted color, brightness, contrast, you name it, it’s kind of dark and has trouble displaying low contrasting shadows and similar tones in general.
I for one can barely see a difference between #000 and #111 for example, not to say anything in between :slight_smile:

I don’t trust Asus monitors, have one 21.5 inch wide. Low contrast and color accuracy, also the left side is little blurry…
Not sure about 29 inch wide monitors, I think it’s more suitable for video or sound editing, and not looking for dual monitor setup at the moment.

I was also looking at ASUS, and once I found out that the panel used by them is actually from LG… I started looking for something else.

If anyone knows a good IPS monitor, with a response time under 5ms and a decent price, please share a link/name :slight_smile:

I picked up a 27’ Dell Ultrasharp a few years ago and wasn’t too fond of it, ended up returning it a few days later. It had 3 dead pixels and it displayed gradients terribly, displayed a ton of banding. Ended up ordering one of these: and I’m pretty happy with it. The color is pretty great as is the viewing angle. It’s got two drawbacks…

  1. It's got a glass screen, so if you sit in a room with a window behind you, I'd imagine you'd have a lot of glare issues. Thankfully my room has one window and it's off to the side so I only have glare problems for about 45 minutes as the sun is going down.
  2. To make it really thin, they put all of the hardware in the base. So you can't remove it from it's base to mount it if you'd like to.

Besides that I have no complaints, best monitor I’ve ever owned and it’s got a wider range of colors over the Cinema Displays and the Ultrasharp line. I got mine from Newegg when it first came out and grabbed it for $960.00. Unfortunately it looks like Newegg no longer carries it, and Samsung’s site is listing it for $1,199. If you decide on this one, you might want to shop around and try to find a better price.

EFEKT_Studio said

I’ve Apple’s LED Cinema Display 27" (2560 x 1440). I’m very satisfied with it, it’s really good (the price too). But you said no Apple products, so… :slight_smile:

I know that Apple cinema displays are great, but expensive too in my opinion.
If I wanted to spend that much, I would get a NEC:

You should consider this one too:

iiyama ProLite XB2779QS (27” AH-IPS LED-backlit screen with WQHD (2560 x 1440) )

This is there latest Modell, I just bought two of them and I am really satisfied.

EFEKT_Studio said
Visual_A said

My budget is max $1000

Apple LED Cinema Display (27" flat panel) - $999.00

Might have overlooked something, sorry EFEKT. Don’t own apple and as I understand it cannot be connected with PC.

ricci_gdf said

You should consider this one too:

iiyama ProLite XB2779QS (27” AH-IPS LED-backlit screen with WQHD (2560 x 1440) )

This is there latest Modell, I just bought two of them and I am really satisfied.

This one looks good. Thanks for posting!

If anyone else is reading this, please just let me know what monitor do you have. I am curious! :bigsmile:

Check this one. It will cost around 35k $. :smitten:

I’m pretty sure they make adapters for Cinema Display (may need a new card + adapter if it’s TB). But if you’re going for a high-end display, (IMO) DELL and HP make the nicest ones. I believe NEC has a couple nice models as well (and make a lot of extremely high-end medical monitors that have resolutions that would put all of these to shame). I don’t have any experience with ASUS displays, but have been on a 30" HP for a couple years and love it. I’m not one for 1080 or 1440 game, but it all comes down to preference. :slight_smile:

I strongly recommend the Apple LED Cinema Display or a Dell Ultrasharp 27" like this because are pretty similar, both have IPS panel and contrast, but the ultrasharp is a bit brighter.

I’ve tried several over the years including the Dell and none are anywhere near the quality of display you get with an LED Apple Cinema Display - it may be a little more than some of the others but personally I think it’s worth it - plus if you ever decide to sell you get way more value selling anything apple for some reason (not that you’ll sell I’m sure of it).

As for connecting to a PC then I know several people that have done this - not sure what they used but it can be done no problems I believe.

Hope that helps and at the end of the day just make sure you buy from someone with good returns - if you don’t like it just send it back (like Amazon) - then you can be sure you’ll settle on the right one for you.


Thank you for sharing your opinions! I need to hear personal experience, so I can decide. Thanks!

Let’s bring back another old thread to life :D.

I have read all the replies but i don’t think it can help since they are all 2 years old (prices change all the time). Can anyone recommend a good 27" monitor for motion designers (2K 2560x1440) for less than 400$ ? Thank you!