Best low-cost photo utility software

I’m not a pro. But I have a family photo collection that is out of control.

I need the following software that can do the following:

1- Rename files in bulk based on Exif data e.g. YEAR/month/day/hour/seconds - tied NameExif but pukes on non-exif based photos.

2- Dedupe files in bulk accurately (tried Visipics but it puked and was inaccurate)

3- Move photos into folders/sub folders based on Year/month e.g. Photomove 2.5

Is there software that can do all 3 of these functions? If not, what individual software do you recommend?

Just make sure you test the software first on a small folder…otherwise you can up ending like me :frowning:

I tried a software like this on a 150Gb folder with some basic folder structure, containing family pictures since 2000 until 2018…The software made a total mess instead. The software was promising to automatically sort photos in folders, based on their EXIF information. Did not work as expected…:frowning:

Did you tried mega drive !! so far i have found it one of the best tools ever.

Mega Drive? Never heard of it. Also, Googled it and could not find it.