Best electric guitar clean library

what is the best library to create clean and muted electric guitar layers? I’ve heard a lot of demos but I’m not satisfied.
I’m searching something natural with a good feeling in groove.

Many thanks

I would say that the best option for what you are looking for is to play an actual guitar or get some real electric guitar loops.

But check out Orange Tree stuff and the Electric Sunburst by Native Instruments. Maybe you like it!!


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I don’t know why, but I love Ample sound. You have some free stuff to download… you can try…

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I have Ample Sound Metal Eclipse and Gibson. And acoustic one. Everybody loves them, but I am not the fun of them.

I use Firebird Palm Muted Guitar (oh the classics!) and Ample Sound F II, and episodically live guitar.

Many thanks guys for your suggestions!

Oh yeah Firebird has a very god timbre but not velocity layer in dynamic !!
(It’s free so many thanks!!!)
Ample sound has very good demo. I don’t need tipical over drive sound. I need only clean sound. I typically like the sound of the telecaster in the medium pickup

Best guitar sound?
Have you tried a real guitar?.. :joy:

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:slight_smile: of course

If you are trying to find something so specific maybe youll lost more time looking for it than playing yourself.

Yes I agree but I have only acoustic guitars!!!