best ecommerce platform for self hosted art/decor store

Hi people,

Firstly I have never noticed this website has a forum, how handy.

So I am looking to set up a store online, mainly to sell prints (illustration and photography) but with the future goal of also including other little bits of decor. I ideally want to get a platform I can run off my own server while also having the freedom to install themes/customize the theme. I am looking for the best platform which is heavy on the visual side of things, rather than the masses of shop features… its gonna be quite a simple need in terms of shop features.

What platforms do people suggest? Most articles focused on this subject are years old, so I wanted a fresh opinion on this.


You can use WordPress + WooCommerce plugin to power up your online store.

I think WordPress is suitable for you, it’s quite simple and user-friendly. You should install a WordPress theme with built-in WooCommerce plugin. By the way, we have a theme for online store that may suit your needs, you can stop by and see if it was what you want: Hope this helps!

You can try ouer theme at