"Best customer support" is Envato customer support!

TWO times in last TWO months my account has been hacked. Two times some hacker send password request and use it somehow to set a new password. After that, he buy some items using my money. Two times! And both times, Envato “customer support” blocked my account and both times unblocked but didn’t want to back my money and delete that items that I do not buy from my downloads. Did someone have the same experience with that “great” customer support?

Hi is correct that Envato not give you money back. First of all it not due to envato the problem but 100% due to you. Secondary I’m pretty sure you not gave to Envato any evidence that guarantee to envato that what you write is true. If it’s true and your are not tech professionist I advice you to format all your pc and reinstall the OS again.

Sorry friend to hear that… Your heading in this thread means actually that envato customer support is the best, in which I agree, these guys helped me a lot in the last week, so I wanted to give a + to your thought.
I’m sure they will help you to clear things up…

@ThePixor What will I get when formatting my computer?I send them screenshots from my emails that I get when I get up and make them an issue. What else you think I can give them? Also answered to them questions about security. Hope that they log IP address and know from which IP address is attacking comes.

Also, you think that if someone hacked someone account person which account is hacked is guilty to leave someone to access to his account?That mean that if someone goes to CIA system, guilty is some worker there not a hacker who find some issue in the system??

If you login from another system, you need to enter the “activation” code. In that case, beside Envato password, “hacker” needs your email password too. Considering that, it’s your responsibility to keep your account safe.

@ki-themes No, I login ONLY from my computer and access to my email have only me and access it ONLY from my computer, access to both accounts am always write again and don’t save the password in browser. I don’t know how can access to it except to find some issue in the system. Or maybe I am wrong?

Sounds like someone you know may be purchasing the items or your computer may be hacked but it’s still not Envato’s responsibility to keep your computer safe

Please explain to me how that can be possible? And that happened while the computer was shut down and I am sleeping?

Have no idea. Re-install your OS and change all your passwords. Get rid of your ex-GF as well if she’s still around :slight_smile:

You may have a Trojan. They can keylog you.

If you use the same passwords for multiple sites then one of those sites could’ve had their database leaked too.

But your account is not being hacked. Someone is clearly logging in with your password which is indeed your responsibility to keep secure.

I highlyy advise you do a virus scan with a reputable software such as BitDefender, and even format+reinstall the OS if necessary.

Any operating system can potentially be vulnerable to a keylogger. Windows, OS X, Android, all of them.

And then change your passwords!

Also to add:

  • Browser extensions can steal cookies or login information, giving them access to your account.
  • Start logging off when you’re done to ensure nobody goes on your computer and uses the account.

@baileyherbert tnx for more info.

how did you contact them??? i tried contact them regarding an item i purchase and until now i have not head anything…what wrong?

I write before that they have worst customer support.Thay replay you when they think to reply to you :slight_smile:

im beginning to think so…until not nobody reply me…i have to filled fraud claim in my paypal account

How many seconds, minutes, hours or days ago did you contact them? It is the weekend, so they’re probably on minimal support until tomorrow. I’d advise against filing a dispute with Paypal… you’ll have access to all your purchased files suspended.

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Finally someone reply…anyway i guess i’ll wait.

I can only suggest anti virus and anti spyware and malware software. There are some free scanners, but they can’t beat the paid ones and paid are not really that expensive if you consider how much it will cost you what just happened to you and it’s probably just the beginning. And how it all begun you’ll never know, it might be one of those porn sites you were browsing and decided to click somewhere, trojan sneaked its way onto your system while you were downloading that pretty blonde and now you’re doomed. Or maybe it was one of those ads on some of the underground portals, who knows. Maybe you clicked some “ad” on some website and adware was downloaded onto your computer and there was a worm hidden inside it. There could be a million things and you’ll probably never know.

That advice to format your drive is not such a bad idea, but I would go one step further. I’d take a hammer and a screwdriver and destroy that drive after formatting has been finished, just to make sure the virus or worm or whatever critter it was is definitely dead for sure!

You will destroy hdd because some virus???Great.I can do that would you buy me a another one to put it in pc?

The answer would be the same as for the question: “Did I infect my PC with a virus?”

But, before you destroy hdd do this:


Malwarebytes is as the name says, a Malware Remover!

Download the Free Version from the link above.

Download, install, update and scan once a fortnight.

Do this now and let us know the results.