Best Christmas Videos on VideoHive 2016

I really enjoy this time of year and making Christmas greetings templates, so first of all thank you for this opportunity to get featured on Videohive.

For the After Effects template I want to nominate this one:

I think that particle animation (magic) in this template is nicely done, with beautiful ambience, smooth camera movement and with a little cinematic touch. It represents the magical spirit of Christmas in a very nice way and it can be very useful and easy to edit Christmas Greeting video card.

For the Stock Footage:

After checking a really lot of them, this one really stand out by my opinion. Cool idea and very well executed stop motion shot with nice details.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

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After Effects Project File :
I like the video preview of this item. It’s a funny video preview and cool music in this preview. :smiley:
Footage File :
This footage is a beautiful location with christmas tree. :smiley:

For Stock Footage :

When I watched this clip it makes me feel happy and smile about it. And wanted to go dancing with Santa.

For After Effects Project :

At first glance, I see this project it was very eye-catching. It has pretty colors, smooth movement. It is openers the wonderful.

Merry Christmas

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Christmas by Motionkof
My favorite After Effects Christmas template. This template is very simple and elegant. The design, particles, font and atmosphere is perfect for Christmas and New Year.

Christmas Titles by pmwa
This video is really great full of cinematic feeling, seems like i watch the opening disney video.

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Christmas Lights Logo & Slideshow by alex_watson
Beautiful realistic Photo Slideshow decorated with Christmas Lights
that show off your greatest family memories through.The animation turns on the lights and the twinkle and shine to reveal your logo. I really like this template. One of my favorite.

Christmas Photo Gallery by 2taptap
Beautiful video gallery where you can easily
include your photos and create an unforgettable memory. Very easy to edit. Includes three versions depending on how many photos you want to include. Make unforgettable memories.

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  • Christmas **by** Dimka4D My favourite Christmas template, I like the design. It represents the spirit of Christmas. The movement of stars particles is perfect for Christmas video productions!
  • Christmas **by** VictoryBox I like it because this video have 2 Scene setup (Night&Day). And one more thing in this template on the last part of the fireworks, meant that Christmas brings a lot of joy and happiness.
  • Here is the great universal and multipurpose Christmas and New Year video:
    Bright yellow and red sparkles on the black background is the classic and popular composition that is always on demand! There’s enough copy space for any text it’s also goes well with any sound and speech. The footage is in 4K Ultra HD resolution so it can be scaled and cropped without losing quality.
    And the beautiful Christmas AE project: ‘Snow Lower Third’ that may be used well with the video described above.

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    Hello, I would like to nominate this item for best Christmas footage:

    I like this footage bundle because I could quickly build a short Christmas greeting with very little effort. Simply add some text with some particles and music…done!

    I also humbly ask you to consider my After Effects template “String Theory Christmas Greetings”:

    This template is a unique design that features whimsical characters of the season dropping into a magical atmosphere that’s perfect for almost any corporate Christmas message! It’s also extremely versatile because you can easily choose between playful Christmas ornaments, or insert your own photos to make it more personal and fun!

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    My first favourite:
    Christmas by PixFlow

    It’s clean and amazing work. I love this elegant style with fantastic colors. This video has the magical Christmas atmosphere.

    The second is:
    Christmas by BoB1980

    It’s beautiful animation with every detail particle also love the main colors, that’s so attractive.

    Here is my favourites:
    1.Christmas Pop-Up Book by The_Yoshivara
    It’s very awesome project with every detail 3D animation looks great. I recommended for your next Christmas project. It’s really incredible, the best pop up book animations ever seen.

    2.Corporate Christmas Tree by placdarms

    It’s unique, simple, clean and smooth movements. Very recommended for elegant Christmas greeting card.

    Christmas by giraysait
    It’s very great footage. This project included nice elements, like Santa sled with alpha channel, 4 fireworks with sound and Realistic snow looped. Best for Christmas project.

    Christmas by wave5
    I like the design, the animation of Santa, the colors, it can be useful for Christmas opening video project.

    Christmas Package by artproject
    Great Christmas video template with 2 version, Christmas and New Year.
    This holidays production pack is perfect for Christmas, family holiday, etc.

    Christmas Background by nels
    It’s wonderful footage with a white snow particles background color which adds to the impression of elegance.

    Hohohoooo… Christmas is coming soon…

    That’s my favourite Christmas video on videohive

    Christmas Bobby by flasheasy

    The video is beautiful work and very nice animation especially the 3D character. It’s very creative and impressive character.

    Christmas Opener by Jenivest

    Very eye catching thumbnail, makes me to watch this video. The visuals video are amazing with great balanced between ice and snow. This is very beautiful Christmas opener.

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    Christmas by steve314

    Really great idea and creative work. It has deep Christmas atmosphere and very good style stop motion animation. That’s simple but incredible!!

    Merry Christmas by ruslan-ivanov

    This is good element 3D, and very smooth movements. It looks like the opener to a Walt Disney film, I love it.

    What a wonderfull way to start this Christmas Season ! Thank you Envato !

    For Christmas After effects Project:

    Christmas is a magical season and this template really gives us that felling.
    It has the snow falling down, the Christmas ornaments that can be customized and for last the logo is revealed in a magical way. Everything combined give us a wonderful Christmas atmosphere !

    For Christmas Stock Footage:

    Just by watching this stock footage I can feel the christmas spirit, it has everything, the snow, the christmas decorations, the cold and the happiness on the kids faces for christmas season.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas to all !

    «You MUST select ONE After Effects project file and ONE stock footage item»
    Do i understand the rules correctly? Why so many people add 2 After Effects link?

    Hey there, wish you happy Christmas holidays :slight_smile:

    My favourite Christmas project is one the above-mentioned projects. «Wishes for Christmas»

    It make me smiling. Santa reminds me to be happy :slight_smile: Santa looks like me when I’m celebrating Christmas holidays :slight_smile:

    For stock footages i want select next file:

    It is absolute universal footage. It can be used anywhere like a background. Just snow and nothing redundant :slight_smile:

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    You’re right ! I think that someone forgot to read the rules

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    Deadline came. Wish you all win :^)

    ##We reached our deadline!

    ###Thank you so much for all the excellent entries! We’ll announce all the winners and release the Christmas collection later this week, stay tuned!