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What are the best Bootstrap HTML Admin & dashboard templates for web apps and applications?

We want you to post your favorite Bootstrap HTML templates from ThemeForest.

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What’s so good about the template?

  • Built with Bootstrap 3.3.7
  • 5 Admin Color Template
  • 2 Admin Header Template (Black & White)
  • 17 Admin Page Options
  • 2 Admin Content Color Template
  • 10 DataTables Extension
  • Local Storage Panel
  • Unlimited Nav Tabs
  • Fully Responsive
  • Contrast Colors

PVR Admin is the new premium and fully responsive Multipurpose Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template. Concept of design for PVR Admin is based on the FLAT design and finally it comes out with a clean and neat design. It is built on top of the popular Bootstrap Framework. Besides that, it is bundled with a lot of third party plugins and useable elements such as buttons, thumbnails, media objects and much more…

StartUI - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template


StartUI – a full featured, premium web application admin dashboard built with Twitter Bootstrap 4, JQuery and CSS (Less). It comes with a lot of ready to use components ideal for building your web application, CMS, CRM, admin panel, eCommerce dashboard, or any other type of application backend. StartUI coded highly responsive for your mobile phone & tablets. Completely modular with many unique features, it will help you build your next awesome product.


Post/embed an image or screenshot of the template

What’s so good about the template?
It’s simple, clean and fast :smiley:

Neon – is flat admin template for multi-purpose usage built with Bootstrap.

It contains more than 112 HTML files which offer you great variety of layout options and resources, and it will be extended in the future updates with newer plugins and pages.


Xenon – is a lightweight responsive admin theme built with Bootstrap and contains plenty of UI components, layout variants and theme skins which make a total of 136 HTML files.


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Dashboard Link :point_down:

Guru Able Bootstrap 4 & Angular 4 Admin Dashboard Template


What’s so good about the “Guru Able” template?

  • It’s simple & flexible comes with Latest Bootstrap 4 & Angular 4 Pure Typescript version.

  • Highly customizable & most feature rich admin template for year 2017.




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2017 1’st Top Rated Dashboard :point_down:

:christmas_tree::tada: Able Pro Admin Dashboard Template


What’s so good about the “Able Pro” template?

  • Highly Flexible & Fantastic After Sales Support.
  • 2017 1’st Best Rated Dashboard Template.
  • Covers most of UI Elements, Charts, Tables, Forms, Landing page in one single Able Pro.
  • Chosen “Featured Item” by Envato.

I think this a lots.


What’s so good about the template?

  1. Bootstrap 4
  2. 75+ Plugins
  3. Dark & Light Sidebar
  4. Full & Boxed Layout
  5. 6 Skins
  6. 3000+ Icons
  7. 500+ HTML pages
  8. Dark Dashboard
  9. Horizontal Navigation
  10. RTL - Coming Soon


What’s so good about the template?

  1. Bootstrap 4 & 3.3.7
  2. 30+ Plugins
  3. Dark & Light Sidebar
  4. Full & Boxed Layout
  5. 6 Skins

AriesAdmin-features-screen-shots (2)

What’s so good about the template?

  1. Bootstrap 4
  2. 60+ Plugins
  3. Dark & Light Sidebar
  4. Full & Boxed Layout
  5. 12 Skins
  6. 3000+ Icons
  7. 500+ HTML Pages
  8. 400+ UI
  9. RTL ready
  10. Horizontal Menu


What’s so good about the template?

When it comes to dashboard or web apps, one of the first impression you consider is the design. It needs to be high quality enough otherwise you will lose potential users due to bad design.

When your dashboard or app is attractive to use, your users will not simply be using it, they’ll look forward to using it. This means that you should fashion the look and feel of your interface for your users.

At the edge of technology
Dropping support for IE < 11, using Bootstrap 4, flexbox layout and components, css post and pre processors, build tools, etc. all makes TheAdmin the best admin template available in the market. It’s the admin template of 2018!

Dependency injector
You probably get tired of determining which css and js files should be imported into your html files. With TheAdmin you won’t ever need to have any concern in this regard. TheAdmin automatically detect which plugins you have used inside a page and it loads them in the background.

Several design guide
No matter which design trend you are going to use; Material, Flat, Responsive, Round, Minimalism, etc. TheAdmin has something for you!

Real life samples
TheAdmin includes several real life examples of admin and web app design, such as support system, job board management admin, invoice maker, etc. The list will grow with most of releases.


Post/embed an image or screenshot of the template

What’s so good about the template?

Jetson – Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template & Powerful UI Kit with awesome features.
Jetson is a Bootstrap based web UI kit, powered by Grunt, Bower, and SCSS. It’s very easy to customize and developer friendly. It is a professional package that comes with plenty of UI components, widgets, forms, tables, charts, pages and applications. It is mobile first layout and is based on Bootstrap CSS Sass framework. Each component is fully customizable and exceptionally easy to use. The simplest and fastest way to build web UI for your dashboard.

95+ Html Pages
2000+ Icons
500+ UI Elements
Live Social Feeds – Twitter & Instagram
RTL Support
Responsive Layout
Lots of Widgets
Vector & Google Maps
Many Chart Options
Table Examples
Form Elements with Validation
Multi File Upload
E-commerce Pages
Authentication Pages
Error Pages
Detailed Online Documentation
Working Apps
Gallery with Filter
Mobile Responsive Tabs
Mobile First Menu
Gallery with Filter
Sweet Alerts
Modal Windows
Text Editors
Easy to Customise

Bower – A Package Manager for Web
Grunt – A Javascript Task Runner
Powered by Bootstrap Sass
CSS3 Animations
Multi-Browser Support
Responsive Layout

Dark & Light Demos
Fullwidth & Boxed Demos
Scrollable & Fixed Sidebar
Toggle Sidebar Menu
RTL Support
Blank Page Example

Mega Menu
Special Mobile Menu
Icon Menu
Sidebar Menu
Multilevel Menu
Menu Color Themes
Simple Dropdowns
Icon Dropdowns
CSS3 Animated Dropdown Options

Analytical Dashboard
Demographic Dashboard
Project Dashboard
User Profile Dashboard
Ecommerce Dashboard
Hospital Dashboard
HRM Dashboard
Real Estate Dashboard
E-commerce Pages

Products Cards
Product Detail
Add Product

Working Calendar App
Working Weather App
Chat App
Mail App with Inbox Layout, Detail Email & Compose Mail Modal Window
Contacts App with Cards & List Option
File Manager
Task Manager / Todo List
Extra Pages

Blank Page
Login / Sign-in Page
Register / Sign-up Page
Forget Password Page
Lock Screen
Error Pages – 404, 500
Invoice Pages


Codebase is our latest project and it is based on Bootstrap 4. It is one of our biggest projects ever and it took over a year to build with hundreds of hours of development and testing behind it. It features a really flexible layout which can be manipulated to match various projects’ requirements, enabling the developers to build all kinds of pages. We believe that its strongest point is that it was built based on the valuable feedback we’ve received over the last few years selling admin templates on Themeforest. We created it to be a fast, responsive and reliable UI framework with attention to detail and we are very glad and thankful that our Codebase customers, confirm those assertions with their ongoing feedback.

Spec is built on Bootstrap Framework. Spec is very useful for any complex project which require Admin dashboard functionality. Easy to access any of components, UI design, modules. Very flexible solution for any project. Spec is a clean and fresh looking dashboard theme with unique design that suitable in all web applications. Created with high-quality common UI elements that would save your development time. Spec is built with love, spec is easy to modify in each components.

Once you’ve purchased this item all updates are free. If you love our work don’t forget to rate us FIVE STARS. Good rating provides more and better updates. Thank you.

Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions to be implemented in this theme in the feature.

There are several different ways to use SPEC:

Use ready to use graphs and charts in your dashboard.
Use Charts for your project.
Easily add your own text & edit them the way you want.
Use wide range of features.
Use in multipurpose projects.
Easy to customize.


Exhibiting a cool and engaging layout, Electric Admin is an extraordinarily complete Angular JS template for an easier and more comprehensive backend & frontend management of a single or multiple projects. Its all-purpose framework is replete with active and energetic features, including 4+ dashboard styles, 60+ fully developed pages, 20+ functional widgets, and complete and customizable systems for the management of author profiles and emails. Various Live Stats Updates systems keep you updated all the time about total balance, new orders, sales, views, user activities, social visitor, revenue by browser, and server loads. It also offers Live Chat facility, and lots of other features that you can see on the live demo.


MyAdmin Template is fully responsive premium bootstrap admin template ideal for your business. MyAdmin can used for all type of web applications, such as custom admin panel, project management system, admin dashboard, application backend, CMS, CRM, etc. Besides beautiful and functional design, this site template has some awesome features to offer.


  • 4+ Different Dashboards
  • eCommerce Dashboard Included
  • Light and Dark Sidebar
  • Cubic Admin Clean and Minimal Design
  • Horizontal Navigation Styles
  • Mini Sidebar Style
  • 6 Color Skins

Ranpariya Theme is purely multipurpose Admin and Dashboards Theme developed using various technologies.

  • it’s much flexible and easy to customize for any web admin architecture.
  • Developed various varsions for top technologies, Such as Bootstrap 4, Bootstrap 3 and Laravel 5
  • Continuous update guaranteed.
  • Guaranteed support within 1 day.

Features Highlight:

  • Fully Responsive
  • 6 Pre-Built Dashboards
  • 16 Color Scheme
  • Gulp Compilation
  • 100+ Pages
  • 70+ Libraries implemented
  • Boxed Layout
  • Two Unique Sidebars
  • LESS And SASS support
  • **And Lots More…Please visit the Demo now

Angular 5 Version Coming Soon