Best After Effects templates for Lyric Videos



  • What’s so good about the template?

The lovely romantic atmosphere in three parts - for him, for her and for them both. It will look perfectly amazing for a duet lyric video. Also, the template has 4K resolution to show it on big screens!


My work is an intriguing, soft, slightly mysterious piece that beautifully and graciously transforms over time.


Dreamy atmosphere of Slideshow Bokeh Story project tunes the viewer to lyric mood.
This project is perfect for beautiful love story, romantic memories and any other special occasions…


Elegance slideshow with drop inks and parallax effects! Perfect for original and colorful wedding opener, family introduction or anniversary slideshow!!!


I think this template better than all other similar projects.


(please jump to v2: 0:38)

What’s so good about the template?
Very detailed documentation on how to sync all words with lyrics.
Up to 19 scenes. Modular project structure.


Now your sound tracks will look the best wherever you need to present them. As on your youtube channel and on the screens of open air or nightclub. Your audience will be able to immerse themselves in your music and feel it not only by ears but also the eyes.


What’s so good about the template?

A great project, filled with a lyrical atmosphere, executed in the form of a message of recognition in love. A unique project of its kind.


What’s so good about the template?

I made this template as a tool to create custom Lyric Videos.
The idea is everyone can make their own video, and not the same as all other users.
Of course it demands on a lot of work and it is a complex template, because there are a lot of customizable elements.
Anyway, it still is a much quicker way of doing a video lyric from scratch. At least, it is what I tried to do.

What’s so good about it?

  • The texts are controlled by markers.

  • You have great control of the 3D scene: camera speed, rotation, zoom, wiggle / lighting / shadows.

  • You can control the walls color, image and texture opacity.

  • It includes a Quick Slideshow: a quick way of adding images to the walls.

  • You can add blur and tint FX.

  • It is a CS5.5 compatible project and you need no plugins.

  • The template includes a video tutorial

  • The template has it own webpage with Usage Examples and Usage Tips


I made a new version of the template: Quick Music Lyrics V2.
An optimized project for softer music styles.
Much simpler, much faster than the original one.


Yep, its not a template, but you can use this 4k footages with any background photos or videos, because they are with alpha channel !!!)))))


Awesome atmosphere, so stylish and unique. Really like it. I think it’s perfect for Lyric Videos.


Nice animated lyric video with original unique illustrations!


I love this video. It’s quite unique template witch creating an amazing mood!


• What’s so good about the template?

This Lyrics Template includes 3 versions. First one can be used for big typography style videos, other two can be used for slideshows and other occasional videos, love story or about your friends and family. Second version is very summer like and fun. Last version has more vintage look and sure is perfect for wedding videos. Hand drawn elements are also included with the project.


Create your own story lyric with animated handdrawn doodles


Hello! Here is one of my projects.
“Glitch Opening Titles” it is more cinematic.This is excellent for opening a dramatic story. This also has some positive lyrical intonation. It blends difference tones and styles.


simply it’s perfect for video caption and lyrics :slight_smile:


The best thing in this template is that you it doesn’t need keyframing. You can synchronize it with markers!
It is simple, creative and you can create a unique lyric video using any media (videos or images) in the background. And it is an after effects template that was created only for lyric videos!


New fun template for lyric videos :slight_smile: