Benefits of tracks on social media (YouTube, Twitter)?


I’m curious if my fellow authors find real value and added benefit in posting their tracks on Youtube, and promoting their portfolio on Twitter? Do you think having your music on YouTube/Twitter actually drives more visits to your page, and even sales?

I’m considering posting my tracks on YouTube, but it seems like a lot of additional work if there’s not a lot of benefit/value for the investment of time.

Thanks for any comments!

Yes. If you’re getting (for example) 1 million views per month you can definitely earn $1,000-5,000+ just in referral money (depending on what you promote, how relevant your video is to the product, and the type of viewers you manage to get). In addition to extra sales of your items of course + YouTube ad revenue.

However, getting to 1 million views per month isn’t easy. With 40 views per video (which is what you’ll get for a while) not much will happen. But if a video happens to take off, it can give great results.

You never know, but it’s not as easy as putting up two videos and waiting for the $$$. :slight_smile:

YouTube marketing and SEO is a science.


A lot of people have talked about the benefits out Soundcloud previously. Shoot me down if i’m wrong… @AurusAudio

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Thanks for the feedback @Flumen and @matthewcoxy. I’m not expecting to get anywhere near that amount of views, but I suppose it couldn’t hurt to have my tracks on YouTube as well. I’ve been using Soundcloud for a while and link to it from my profile. Looks like some of my page traffic has come in from Soundcloud according to analytics, so I suppose it is beneficial! :wink:

Yeah, that was just an example based on my own stats. 1 million views per month is really good.

Right now I’m getting around 60,000 views per month (and growing) which translates to a couple of hundred dollars (referrals + sales + YouTube revenue).

100,000 views per month is definitely doable. There are many resources out there you can use to see what’s trending, what people are searching for etc.


Thanks again @Flumen, and congrats to you! I guess if nothing else, the additional exposure can only help. I’d just rather spend my time making music than on the web-related work! :wink:

Yes, exposure always helps, even if you add in the risk of people ripping the music off of YouTube.

One of the top authors here gets over 4 million views per month on YouTube, which based on my own stats, would translate to roughly $5,000 extra each month just in referrals, on top of already incredible sales. Could be $3,000, could be $7,000, but good extra $$$.

Add in $4,000 from YouTube on top of that and it’s a pretty good moneymaking machine.

Add in $17,000-20,000 in pure AJ sales and it gets even better. :sunglasses::grinning:

EDIT: I realize this is an old thread, but it did pop up in my activity list. :wink: