Bellevue V2

Hey, Hope somebody can help me :slight_smile:
I had bought the Hotel-Bellevue theme V1, years ago, now I have the option to update to V3.
But in the manual it says that it is not possible to go from V1 to V3. And I’m going to try to get V2, but it’s nowhere to be found? Is there anyone who can help with that?


Contact with your purchase item author @Themovation right here as a comments hope they will helped!


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Hi Thanks for answer, I’ll try, hope they don’t mind that my support license had expired… :wink:

Please keep in mind that a valid support license maybe required for the author to assist. Although, some authors help out even when support is expired, they are not obliged to assist if you support period has expired and they may ask you to renew support. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Hey there @benjaminovervad ! Please contact us via our profile page or comments page.

Happy to help. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @unlockdesign - Very kind of you to direct people to the right place. We’ll make sure that @benjaminovervad gets the help they need.


True :slight_smile:

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