Beginner's road to a successfully built website ... How to do this ?


Hi Forum Folks,

How does a beginner build a website with tools (website templates and other stuff) available on envato market ?


first, you need a good design :slightly_smiling:
don’t start with bootstrap XD


That is quite an ambiguous question as it totally depends on your own skillset, what you are trying to build and specific requirements of the site.

There is definitely no singular approach but there are numerous considerations including:

  • What platform do you want to use e.g. HTML, WordPress etc.
  • Is the user a beginner in building websites only or also lacks experience of design, UX etc.

I would personally advise 2 steps before anything else:

  1. completely forget the files here and focus on planning the site properly e.g. what pages? what does each need to do/include? what assets do you have/need e.g. images/videos etc.? What extras might you need e.g. domain/hosting, software etc.

Without this done properly (and too many new users get overly excited and jump in head first) you could well end up with an insufficient or unsuitable file.

  1. After that I would look on the net at sites like siteinspire, webdesign-inspiration, CSSwinner etc. and find examples of sites which you like the look and feel of and which have the kind of features you want to include.

These two stages will put you in a good place to find the best file and give you:

  • a decent idea of best practice
  • a shopping list of needs and wants (if you go to a supermarket for the first time without a list you probably forget something right?)
  • a clearer indication of what you are looking for in terms of designs and features in among the thousands of files for sale here.
    - crucially it means you are less likely to end up being frustrated with the wrong file.

When searching for a file here - a few things to look at:

  • Think carefully how you describe the search term
  • Check out the rating e.g. how many stars from how many ratings
  • Look at the author e.g. portfolio and general rating/number of files, response time on comments
  • Remember that a million features does not necessarily make it a better file and is likely to make it more confusing to use
  • Try your best to visualise the demo features being compiled different to suit what you planned earlier
    - Don’t be afraid to ask questions BEFORE you buy the file.

Once you have found the file you want it becomes impossible to make proper suggestions other than not to rush at it as how simple it is and/or how to approach it depends so much on the specific file in question.

Bottom line there are tons of great quality files on here and it is obviously easier than trying to code something from scratch. That said you do have to be realistic - many files are ‘easy’ to work with and edit to your needs but at the same time obviously there will be a degree of assumed knowledge and patience required.

Good luck