[beginner] what is site template means?

Hi all. My name is Fadil Raditya. I am new here.
I want ask about what is the difference “site template” and “software version : ‘word-press’”?
second can someone explain me about “site template”?
If i buy the software version? may i create the website using that template without WordPress?
And last, if i buy “site template” may i create website with this css? is there any guide to use this template?

Fadil Raditya Nugraha

Site Template Means - That Sites Made with HTML, CSS & javascript (jquery)
You need some basics of html, css, js to customize little bit of site templates. (advanced skills for advanced customizations)

Wordpress : Templates and themes are made with mainly using php, and html,css,js in wordpress platform (software)
if you know basics of wordpress - Most of wordpress themes & templates offers drag and drop builder means no need to code just drag and drop. for advanced customizations you muse need wordpress, php, html,css,js skills.

Hope thats helps - sorry for my B.Eng

thanks for the answer.
let say, i know PHP, html and basic of MVC, but i dont hv skill in CSS or JS and i never use WordPress either.
so i have more questions

  1. can i edit css in site template and WP? and if i buy site template can i combine it with CI or any other MVC?
  2. can i modify WordPress? so i can combine with PHP, so i can select data from table and show the data using WordPress?
  3. which one better? i buy WP theme, and use WP to create website or i buy site template and i create from scratch?
    sorry for my Eng.
    Fadil Raditya Nugraha

In html template you can easily edit css and JS, and integrate with your PHP code with no problem.

In wordpress you have less freedom, wordpress is kind of a php framework with its own libraries and MVC structure, you still can edit css and php code but it is very complicated and not an easy task. Much easier is buying a wordpress template and then customize it, usually these templates offer many customization options.