Beginner in Adobe After Effects from where to begin? End goal is able to do jaw doping effects


My name is Tanel / Born in 1982 / 31 May
Worked in IT field over 6 years (IT Service Desk level 1, level 2 and On Site IT support)
Worked with programs like SAP, Lotus Notes and many other. And my side interest has been gym and Adobe After effects.
Tried many some tutorials for
but there are only tutrorials +
I am interested in motion graphics especially those revealing logos, texts
and many other effects.
From where to start do you know any tutorials that i should definitely go over?

My hopes are that i get job in advertisement company as motion graphic person or start something small as freelancer in my home country (Estonia)

Here is example one project i am working on.
It is far from ready and is more like test(worked with this one 17 hours straight no sleep).

To wrap this up questions listed below

  • Is there any tutorials that motion graphic person should certainly take a look at?
  • What are mandatory key points that i should learn?
  • Any other tips?

Hey Tanel,

Welcome to the motion graphics world! :slight_smile:
You should concentrate a lot on design, learn everything. The best source out there is YouTube, there is a lot on vimeo as well.
I would try Pinterest too, just type in search After Effects tutorials and follow numerous of boards.

When you feel you are ready try to mimic work of other designers, of course only for learning purposes, never claim as your own.

There is a lot of good channels out there. I would go with videocopilot like you have mentioned or one of our after effects guru’s @felt_tips like Matthew said.

You can find free tutorials here on tutsplus, also try some YouTube channels like “ECAbrams, Mt. Mograph, After effects with Mikey…”

Just work hard and eventually it will pay of :slight_smile:

Hope I was helpful,

Hey @ISUther

Welcome to the party! You’ve come to the right place.

We have some of the best and brightest after-effects samurai here in our Community, but perhaps one that I particularly admire is Mr @felt_tips, that guy has got some serious skills.

He did an amazing tutorial for us a while ago called Creative Strategies in Motion Graphic Design which I highly recommend.

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Wow cool actual live forum where you get answer.
Often stumbled on forums in web where you wait for answer to your question for weeks.
I do know basics in Adobe Photoshop and have used a little other adobe products.
I do know what is for example clone stamp tool in Photoshop. And i know how to remove watermarks from pictures.
I have in my head a lot of ideas for different projects but sadly do not have skill set to do those.
So i got 2 options. Give up or start trying.
I try to think always: "Don`t fear failure…In great attempts it is glorious even to fail."
And i am too stubborn to give up.
Video i linked above i worked with that one 17 hours straight (non stop, so sleep. Only coffee and adobe).
My end goal is able to do amazing effects like these:

There are a lot of more and i would like to be one day on that kind of level when i can do those effects myself.

I took a look at this video:

For me that coding part was bit confusing

  • how that linking works.
    Should i start just dooing some other tutorials in links above or go over way more basic stuff?
    Alpha channels, etc.

Sry if i sound stupid (because i am) i have learned some of the stuff but not everything and my question is is it like a math that need to know basics before trying something like allready creating some kind of cool effect.
Because moust of the stuff is like testing i do not know end result.

Don’t be scared, just do it! :slight_smile:

Of course you need to have good understanding of the basics before you reach out to more advanced stuff. But as you learn you will create, and that is the best feeling.

The best thing to do is to find some tutorials wich will learn you basic parts and how software works. Then it will be a lot easier for you to understand a bit more advanced tutorials.



Thank you

Anyone knows is it possible and if then how to apply Trapcode Particular to Video Copilot Element 3D

I created 3d element from 2D picture in Adobe after effects using video copilot plugin named as Element 2.2
I would apply to element now a trapcode form but im unable to do so.