Before uploading my first item?

I’m working on a clean & responsive “Contact Form” which includes AJAX/PHP and Google Map (API).
Here it is so far:

My questions:

  1. Is there already an item like this one?
  2. What’s your opinion about it?

I appreciate your tips and suggestions.

Thank you!

Typography could be clearer and the whole thing would benefit from being spaced a little more

Your problem will be versatility - I don’t know about maps but assume there are some but there are tons of forms and builders available with endless options - to compete you need more than just colours. You need other fields, other functionality e.g. multi step forms etc.

Think like a buyer - why would I buy a fixed form when I can get something which allows me to produce multiple different versions, layouts, functions all in one?

Thank you charlie,
I appreciate!

This contact form is not a fixed one. It can very easily be expanded, endless fields and colors so that one can adapt it to ones own website very quickly and easily. But it is not a multi step form :confused:

You are right on your question thinking as a buyer, and I try to thing that way.
But I think, as a buyer, I would buy this one because it is easy to adapt, easily to expand and very easy to adjust. Again, it is not a fixed one and it should not cost much.

Thank you very much for your opinion!

If i;s easy o adapt and extend hen your demo needs to show that functionality in action.

Do amends require changing to code? Or can it be done in some form of CMS/builder etc?

That’s the question,
As it is now, it needs to copy paste the html fields. That would be than of course well documented.

But i like your question of “CMS Form Builder”. That may be more flexible and useful. But it would be more time consuming. I have to think about it!

Thank your charlie!

That’s something important to point out though - the big selling forms on codecanyon are all builders and will have obvious appeal.

Doesn’t the user have to adjust the field type as well in the HTML to make it all function correctly? What about making fields required or not?

These are all considerations for making the item premium over just being a pretty version of what can be found for free online as well as for documenting but also from a featured perspective and a challenge to more beginner buyers.

I am assuming there is php behind this to make it all function correctly?

Yes, the user has to adjust the field type, placeholder, name and make it be required or not.
And yes, php is behind it.

Hi Charlie

What du you think about this demo page?
Do you think it is clear enough to buyers?

Thank you

Vastly better than where it was and looks way better with a proper demo structure.

I’d still be cautious with consistency and spacing (the checkbox title is v close to the fields above and the comment line, captcha and button are pretty close together)

It’s probably worth having a working demo too - otherwise the image demos will seem a bit small and cramped on mobile browsing customers and those who want to see what it looks like on different devices

Thank you for taking the time!

I took your suggestions seriously and made some changes. There are also live demos now.
Considering your suggestions this item has been way better. For that i would like to thank you charlie :slight_smile:

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Hi, New to codecanyon i wanna upload mine script but i need clarification about 1st rule. It say about other people work.

I used design(css and 2 html layouts.) from other author which is active few years ago and that design does not have resposive/few layouts issue i corrected them added own fonts, css styles, updated that css to work on my features. Script is my work so its passed 1st rule?

Absolutely not - you can’t use other people’s work even modified, especially other authors from envato.

Aside from it being unlikely to be approved in the first instance, if it did get through and the original author filed a complaint then the implications could be more serious than just being rejected.


Original author will not because it was Open Sources many sites uses it so i don’t think it gonna be problem.

2nd Add Fat-Free Framework to Framework List.


My first item just got approved. I am very excited.
Thank you (charlie) for your support.