Before Upload Want to show my WordPress Theme

I am ready with my WordPress Multi Purpose Theme and want to upload i add envato theme checker plugin and check their is no error in coding , also i add the xml basic tamplate sticky data and looks nice everything.
I just want you all to have a look at my theme and let me know if i have any issue like - Visual Hierarchy or Typography issue.
here is the link -

Not a bad start but not ready for approval.

  • Attention to detail needs work e.g. Testimonial and team images are stretched

  • Avoidable validation issues

  • Certain elements need work e.g. servic ebox titles (typogrpahy and spacing), portfolio zoom/item link has too much spacing

  • links like this feel unfinished as does 3 footer widgets being the same

  • typogrpahic hierarchy and styling could be improved esp. the titles

Thankyou very much for the reply and gives me perfect suggestions.
I improve all this things and then upload for the approval.
One question in this same question if i was upload the theme theme has a chance for soft rejection or hard rejection?

I imagine this would be hard rejected - the above are basic errors and while the theme is ok it’s not stand out the premium and, with respect, there are quite a few free themes out there that offer a similar proposition

ok so i make this changes that you mention and then upload theme right?

You probably need to extend it if you are going down the ‘multi-purpose’ road then it needs to demonstrate this.

  • Definitely sort out your portfolio item pages and create several variations

  • Create demos from different genres e.g. restaurant, agency, travel, etc.

  • Consider multiple pre-built about and service etc. pages

  • Personally, I would spend some time on the portfolio hover effects esp ‘modern’ which is very hard to read

yes sure i solve all the issue and make it perfect and i have pre-built demos please have a look -

ok one last question please its very important you share html error link with me this validation
but this is for a complete theme including wp bakery page i think i need to solve errors and warnings only for my default theme which is here
I am right ?

I don’t submit WP themes here but am pretty sure it is for the whole thing

Is it ok if i add 4 demos total in theme or need more for now and of course i add that latter like comming soon.

Always do as much as possible. Don’t submit anything until it’s entirely done to the best it can be

i was solved all the validation error and warning and now i sharing my test url here it has some warning but this is not in my theme is it okay?

I think it’s not enough quality to be ready on the themeforest

your answer is for validation error or for my theme?