Before they hard reject me again...

Hello everybody, I am new (well…used) and I have began reading this forum with great interest, only to find out that everybody’s better than me. I had submitted 5 tracks and received 5 rejections - the quality wasn’t very good. I have made a new track (I am into 80s stuff) and I would like to ask for your precious opinion, trying to avoid another mistake.

I really like this forum as it gives me the opportunity to learn from professionals.

Here is the track…


Hey Julian. I’d say that compositionally there’s nothing wrong- it’s a happy, upbeat commercial poppy track, so it should work here. The concern is with the sounds you choose, which are likely the reason for rejections. 80s tracks can sell here, but it’s a tricky line to walk without sounding “cheap”. My advice would be to search on Audiojungle for all the bestselling ‘80s’ tracks and see what makes them work. Avoid synth presets and make your own warm analogue synth sounds if you can. I hope that helps!


I’m not a professional by any means, I’m a beginner as well but I think I’ve learned a thing or two during my own struggle with hard rejections.

I think the biggest issue in the mix is very loud drums, especially the kick. Also, I think the frequency spectrum could be more ‘full’ for the satisfactory sounding track. To keep track of these aspects the best way is to always have a reference mix while working on your track. When I did that for the first time, my mistakes were almost painfully obvious compared to the professionally mixed reference track. After a while you gain the ability to detect such issues without reference mixes.

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Many thanks, I have spent the evening listening. What I like most of this forum is that I can finally learn where I go wrong. Thanks for your reply!

You are definitely right, I have listened to the track in my car and the kick is toooooo loud. Thanks for having spent your time replying.

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Here’s something you might be interested in:

Thanks! I didn’t know this existed!

Wow, I was interested until I saw the price- $149! I’m not that lazy, I think I’ll keep checking my mixes on real speakers!

I like it… it sounds really retro! don’t know, I see real chances to be sold here, but probably I would change some sounds, like the drums, … also maybe some synthesized pads… but I think it’s a cool track.
good luck!

Haha…:slight_smile: Funny music. Real monosynth retro :). Just try. You never know for sure what be accepted. 50/50.

Thanks guys, I have made some improvements and I will let you know if it gets accepted.

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Hello, concerning Audified MixChecker, yes the price is really high!
I personnally use ToneBoosters Isone from time to time. It used to be available as a separate plugin, but now it seems to be only available in a bundle, but the price is reaaaally sweet, ToneBoosters makes excellents plugins I can only recommend. Their “ReelBus” (tape simulator) is a gem!

So in this bundle, you’ll get ReelBus, Isone, and EBU Loudness (to check your loudness with LUFS levels), and only for these ones, 40€ is a steal (no I don’t work for them :))

Now, listening to your track on medium quality headphones, really enjoyable, I don’t see any real problem… I should check with my reference headphones or monitors, maybe the EQ curve is too “smiley”, with a lack of medium frequencies, but again, with the headphones I am wearing right now I can’t judge.

Thanks! I have made some improvements, the kick was way too loud and the bass also. And the synths sounded cheap. Still learning…