Before starting to code a item to list in Codecanyon

As Mentioned in the title , i hope you can help me by giving some tips to avoid the most common item rejection reasons . i have published 3 or 4 items before but all of them were hard rejected .
the tools i’m going to use in my next item : VueJs & Laravel .
i have read the most common item rejection reasons listed & described in this Article , as i checked the item Quality & Technical requirements described in this Article .but i feel like need to know more tricks & tips & specially those who are related to VueJs & Laravel .

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Hi DannsScripts,

Sorry about the rejections. I can say that reviewers are looking for prime items, they receive a lot of uploads. My recommendation may be generic, but will make sense when you get approved: take all the time it takes, all the time you need to improve details and deliver the best you can do, in a point that you are confident to get at least a Soft Rejection.

Considering you have read the Envato guidelines and recommendations cautiously, these are interesting articles for Themeforest authors, but you can consider some tips for Codecanyon too:

Hope it helps :+1:

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