Before sending for review.

Friends, let this theme is for those who wants to learn is he needs to change something in the track, prior to submission for consideration. perhaps many will avoid the “hard rejected”.

Be the first) here is the track. true, he has 5 days in the queue… what do you think - will?
Here was the track which rejected

Nope, it would be a suprise if this was accepted, especially as that cliche “reversed cymbal, delay guitar, 4 on the floor kick” genre is so packed already. The mix and choice of sounds are subpar compared to what’s already out there.

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Thank you. last my track you commented and said that he has no chance not only accepted his purchase. You are my “Good sign”.:heart_eyes:

You must be confusing something my friend, but I am happy for you anyway :slight_smile:. Let me know how this track pans out.

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I think he’s means you’re his “bad-luck” charm :slight_smile: last track you said had no chance was accepted and purchased lol.

You have a bad memory?

P.S I’m not trying to blame you. market “Envato” is not predictable…

LOL I can’t believe you quoted me and still did not read what I wrote :smile:

As you [should] see I said, “but there could be a market for that too”, which is pretty much the opposite of “no chance”. But thanks for quoting me anyway. :sunglasses:. Just next time make sure you read what people write to you and don’t put words in their mouths.

I have read more than once. I concluded based on all your observations regarding the sound of the track “No chance”. I am grateful that you pay attention to my person. Thank You Friend.

t’s a cool track… congrats! I think it can work very well as a background… suspensful. nice!
It’s me? or the main beat really sounds a little bit loud?


Thank you. “Kik” is playing on the same level with the boss. but perhaps the kick louder than it should be. To my ears everything is acceptable. I checked on

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Hi. made two songs using the guitar. previously, very little attention is paid rock music and therefore are interested in your opinion about these ideas. thank you.