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I Have Two Simple Question.

I designed my project and now I want put some pictures to the different parts of it.

So I want to know, can i use images on sites like Pinterest or google search ? Do you offer a any site Guys ?

And can i use the codepen website to use some parts of the projects to my item ?

  • And I ask another question.

How long does a simple project take you to complete it ? 1 month, 2 months? or more ? or less ?

Images: no you can’t. Look on unsplash or pixabay. DON’T include images in your downloadable version

Codepen. Depends on the code and license if applicable but I doubt it’s ok without at least permission of the author

Using third party code is not a good idea if avoidable as if you ever need to update he item you may find it difficult

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ok , thanks :+1:
I think it’s better to use simple banners instead of other images…
small site can take 1 week±

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