Before I upload my music... Please help it not to be rejected...

Hello guys!
Please help me correct my track if needed, and tell me what could be unwishfull for AJ.
Is everything ok with frequency picture?

Great vibe and arrangement (a lot of textures :slight_smile: ) but I think you lack of energy in the sub and bass in the mix. It sounds maybe too quiet and tiny because of this. Some instruments are a bit one on each other in the spectrum (exemple: the pad and the rhytmic instrument (muted gt?)). You have lot of stuff in the low mid it sounds a bit muddy/confusing). Just minor things the track is great! If you don’t have a sub speaker use a mix reference + a spectrum analyzer + your ears. Using saturation on the sub and bass could help make them more here and fat without being too much. Hope it helps!

Thank you!