Before AJ rejects my 12th track...can you please advise?

Hello all,

In the desperate effort to make something good I did this:

I would be very grateful if somebody could tell me if this could be accepted, as I had 11 rejects in 2 months and I am starting to consider gardening :sunglasses:




Great composition. I guess for this style of music is really hard to make stuff sound like real instruments played by real people.

I think it doesn’t feel organic, the playing and performance doesn’t feel like a real person playing.

Drums could have more attention to the midi programming. Play with the velocity, groove templates, timing, etc. Try to make them more real like there is a real drummer and watch that break in 0:41.

I don’t know about the brass, I’ve never been able to make a brass sample library sound good, real and organic. In this track it sounds fake to me but can’t help you there.

In general, everything feels too quantized.

I think this will be rejected.

Hope this helps

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Many thanks for the reply, it is indeed hard to make it sound “real”, I have tried my best but real horns are real horns. I will work on it following the suggestions, many thanks for listening to it, I really appreciate the comments because they are…unluckily…correct :slight_smile:

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For me it lacks in mixing and it has too much reverb, good idea for the music :blush:

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It is noticeable you are good talented music/composer beacuse composition is so cool but the problem is the lack of mixing. It needs more of a professional thick continuos more homegeneous glued music track. it has to be conforable for the ear.
You may learn from good mixing tutorial videos on youtube

Don’t give up!. after hard work and some time you will have a better understanding of reasons of what works or not. It happened to many of us at the begining

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Thanks @Octopusic, yes I am still learning all this technology stuff, I have been playing all my life but serious computer music has never been my field :wink: Thanks for the comment!


I feel like I say this every time I give feedback but… :joy:

… work on matching your reverbs so that all of the instruments sit together in the mix naturally. Your drums, bass and horns are totally dry, but your piano has an echoey room reverb and the organ even more so.

For this style of track I would remove all individual instrument reverbs and use just one natural convolution room reverb on the output so everything is occupying the same space.

Hope that helps, @JulianWestoneMusic!


My god, rejecting a great composition, approving clone tracks every day… :confused:

I can’t advise you a lot in this case. Maybe not your library. You have great skills in music production, I wish you the best of luck. And do not listen, the song does not necessary has to be like a “live one”. It could be the main idea of a track, its charm.


Brilliant piece of music. Contrary to everyone else saying there’s too much reverb, l’d say the organ sound needs some type of reverb & chorus fx, to make it sound Perez Prez Prado, you know how the last note of every motif played by the organ resounds? That big dance hall sound.

I wish the site owners would give precise explanations, hire more critics if squeezed for time! Otherwise ppl will be driving blind, in the hope of finding success.

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Many thanks for the reply! I am working on the track hoping to make something better :slight_smile:

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It surely does, I never thought about this…!!! I will try immediately (I have to figure out how!). Thanks for the suggestion, it will probably give a kind of abbey road sound to the ensemble. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like to add my input from a buyer’s perspective. I can’t do that in this case because your example no longer exists. :frowning:

Where track link?)