Been an author for 10+ years with high rating but template got hard rejected

I have been an author for 10+ years with 11 high quality templates with high ratings, but recently when I submitted a new admin template, it got hard rejected and no reasons provided.

Here is my submitted template demo that got hard rejected:

I don’t know why it got hard rejected. One thing I notice is that I forgot to remove images in the main file used in the demo, but still the images I used are free for commercial use.

Let me know what your thoughts why my template got hard rejected.

Any comments on my template? Thanks

Same thing happened to me although it was in codecanyon. It got hard rejected in just 25-30 minutes after submission the first time.

I resubmitted it again yesterday after making few changes and it got hard rejected again today.

I already have 7 items listed and had never been hard rejected previously.

No idea what the reason is.

It keeps referring to forum and help center articles for guide but no one here seems to know anything