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HI, I am a newbie here. I have uploaded my first file today(Named Bee LOGO) . Actually by maintaining all the rules I uploaded my files.Unfortunately it has been rejected. So please inform the main reasons of rejecting my file .Because I want to rectify myself. I HAVE GIVEN MY FILL FOR REVIEWING.

Nobody will give you feedback till you attach your rejected item. You should show it. Hard to say why your item was rejected when you don’t see it

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you want feedback but where’s the image? On what do you want feedback?



Your logo is too basic, bad texts you can used other name fonts, regards.

Sorry but you should learn more about graphic design until start selling here
What about this item:

  • bad color gamma
  • bad font
  • bevel effect looks too outdated
  • deformated presentation is the very big mistake
  • bad quality of preview images (I see graphic artifacts with the big pixels)
  • typography is bad. all lines of text placed on the different levels

Hi, thanks for your best suggestion. please suggest me to overcome your mentioned problem on my submitted logo step by step.

. 1`.when will I submit my next design for selling?
2. What are the main reasons to suspend my GRAPHIC RIVER account?
3. How many times File rejected are counted for suspending account?

I’ve already written the main reasons of your reject :arrow_up: