Become an author and affiliate with one account


Hi, I am an author in Codecanyon, I want to become an affiliate too. Should I have to sign up elsewhere to become an affiliate? If I can be an author and an affiliate with one user account where all of my earning will store? Can I withdraw them together?


Yep, affiliate earnings are the same as marketplace earnings, in that you can spend them or withdraw them just the same. No need to create a new account, Just head to the ‘become an affiliate’ link at the bottom of any marketplace page.

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Hi @smartrahat,
@SpaceStockFootage is correct, affiliate earnings will be credited and stored in the same Envato Market account. Simply create your affiliate tracking link here.

  • Input your username where prompted
  • Enter the Envato Market page or item you wish to create a link to
    Before you start referring, please read the full affiliate program terms here.

Happy referring!


Thank You for your answer :slightly_smiling_face:

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