Become a top 20 author of the month

Hello guys ,
What is required to get the badge "Become a top 20 author of the month "
Thank you.

In order to get the “Become a top 20 author of the month” badge you must" badge, you must to become one of the top 20 authors of the month. Isn’t that logical? :wink:
If one of your projects falls into the list of 20 projects that have received the most sales in a month, then you will receive the badge.
The same goes for “Weekly Top Seller”

Wrong, Top 20 authors will be generated end of every month, Top 20 Authors list will be generated based on the total number of sales made in that month by authors, it is not, how much $$$ they sold, it is based on how many number of sales made in that month.
Authors who made it to this list atleast once will be rewarded with that badge

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I meant the same. I wrote “most sales”, not “most money”:heavy_dollar_sign:

This is right, but u said it is illogical,

other one you wrote is wrong, u said most number sales of single project file,
Ranking of top 20 authors is based on cumulative sales of all videohive items from respective author’s portfolio


You need around 500 sales in one month to get that badge right now. Looks like the numbers are only climbing.
few years ago 300 were a safe bet to get you in the top 20.

I remember in September 2012, I made it into top 20 list with 235 sales, but now it is been doubled

Thank you so much guys